Week 2 Research Question & Hypothesis

Week 2 Research Question & Hypothesis

Research Question & Hypothesis - Week 2

Research Question & Hypothesis - Week 2

Last updated on September 27th, 2023 at 02:25 pm

Start this Week 2 Research Question & Hypothesis assignment with an introduction about your research topic and why it is of interest and a research “puzzle” (about 1-2 pages). You want to guide your reader from your research area to your research topic, then on to your specific research question. Note: This will be the first draft of your introduction of the Week 8 paper, so be sure to write it in an academic voice (avoid first person and contractions).

While there are many ways to frame a research question, at the graduate level, your research questions should be

  1. open-ended and start with “How,” “Why,” “What,” or “To what extent;”
  2. should incorporate the variables you seek to assess and their relationship; and
  3. should indicate how you intend to test the nature of that relationship.

You want to make sure that your question has an appropriate amount of complexity so that it requires a significant amount of research and analysis. A simple Google search should not be able to answer your research question.

Pull out the dependent (DV) and independent variable(s) (IV) that you are interested in looking at. This needs to be specific and you need to discuss ideas for how you might go about measuring the impact that the IV as on the DV. You need to focus in on one or two specific variables, otherwise your research will quickly spin out of control as you will not have the capacity to effectively address the relationship between all the variables.

From here develop a hypothesis that reflects your educated guess as to the relationship between those variables. You may use an “if” “then” statement or you may formulate it as a narrative statement.

Hypothesis: A statement for how a change or condition in one or more independent variables cause(s) a change or condition in a dependent variable.

To recap what is needed in your submission for this assignment:

  • Introduction to the overall paper due in week 8
  • Research Question
  • Dependent (DV) and Independent Variables (IV)
  • Hypothesis




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