Research Using Chicago Utd Destruction Of The Bu

Research Using Chicago Utd Destruction Of The Bu

Research Using Chicago Utd Destruction Of The Bu


Over the course of history, the destruction of art has often been used as a weapon of war against other cultures or against less powerful members of society. In class and through readings and films we have examined themes of art, power, and politics. This assignment asks you to dive more deeply and more specifically into this theme by researching and writing about a specific historical example of conflict, destruction, and its aftermath.

You will be asked to do light research on your chosen example. You will build on the assigned course content and our research to develop an interpretive argument based on specific evidence and examples, and communicate the idea clearly.


write a 500-750 word essay discussing a work of art that was stolen, destroyed, or significantly altered as part of an armed struggle. Explain the site’s history and significance, the reasons for and manner of its loss or destruction, and the aftermath of its loss.

Questions to consider: How and why has the destruction of art/architecture served as a weapon of war in your selected example? How does this example promote and develop your understanding of the role of art in intercultural conflict? How might this example inform your understanding of the public, religious, and collective role of art? You must have a thesis linking the parts of your paper together that addresses one of these questions.

You should have at least two reputable sources for this assignment (one or both can come from the list below) Include 1-2 labeled images in your essay, and provide a Chicago-style bibliography of your sources.

This should be written entirely in your own words. You may only use quotes if it is a direct quote that comes from a source who saw the monument when it was still standing or witnessed the destruction, and then keep it to 1-2 sentences.

Choose from one of the following examples:

Destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan by the Taliban (created 6th century CE/ destroyed 2001)

Destruction of the ancient city of Palmyra by ISIS (created 1st century CE, destroyed 2015-2017)

Alteration of the Great Mosque of Cordoba (created 8th century/altered 16th century/ altered 2000s)

Research Resources:

  1. Citations

This assignment requires that you present your research using “Chicago Style” citations. The Chicago Style format is most frequently used in art history research. Every time you make a direct or indirect reference to an article or source in your text, you must provide a numbered endnote that directs the reader to the full publication information for that source.

The rules for formatting these endnotes can be found in the published Chicago Manual of Style, and also online at:

  1. Research

To succeed at this assignment you will need to carry out some light research on your topic.

Great Mosque of Cordoba