Role of nursing informatics on your nursing practice

Role of nursing informatics on your nursing practice

role of nursing informatics on your nursing practice

What is the role of nursing informatics on your nursing practice? What role does technology play in patient-centered care? How might your practice evolve with technology?

These questions are at the heart of building a foundation of care through nursing informatics and technology. You will explore these questions as you progress through this course, not only in the resources provided, but also in designing a nursing informatics project.

In this module, you will begin your exploration of nursing informatics with an exploration of the pioneers in the field. You will explore the day-to-day role of nursing informatics in daily nursing practice and consider the importance of applying nursing informatics terminology and concepts. This module will serve as your introduction to nursing informatics and will assist you in understanding the importance of nursing informatics in solving problems and issue in nursing practice and healthcare.


Module 1: The Foundations of Professional Healthcare Practice Using Technology is a 2-week module—Weeks 1 and 2 of the course—in which you will explore nursing informatics and explore the role of technology on nursing practice and healthcare. As you engage with the resources for this module, you will consider the foundations of nursing informatics through an exploration of the pioneers in this field.  You will also select an issue for a nursing informatics project, a project designed to showcase your understanding of nursing informatics through a project management approach.




With roots tracing all the way back to Florence Nightingale, nursing informatics has improved healthcare through the connection of nursing science to multiple sources of information and analytical science to inform nursing practice. Starting with simple data collection, the field has expanded with ever-changing technology and advancements to facilitate ongoing, continuous  improvement, always with a focus on enhanced patient care.

This week, you will explore the contributions of nursing informatics innovators and share your nursing background and professional interest. Additionally, you will begin work on a small nursing informatics project by selecting a topic to focus on for the duration of the course. You will use project management strategies and techniques to demonstrate your understanding of nursing informatics as you explore your topic and consider appropriate solutions.


  • Analyze how contributions of nursing informatics innovators relate to skill development for professional nursing practice
  • Identify a nursing informatics project*
  • Assess personal strengths and challenges in relation to informatics competencies



In the video, Nursing Informatics Innovators, you are provided an extensive list of 34 nursing informatics innovators. Each of these individuals has been integral in advancing nursing informatics and the field of nursing practice.

Innovators in the field of nursing informatics, led the way in shifting the perception of a nurse as an art of patient care, to the practice of nursing as a science, vested in science, technology, and advancements.

Nursing informatics innovators facilitated and created major advancements in the field of nursing and ensured the field would be one of advancement, continual change, and scientific innovation. Exploring the work of these innovators is essential in understanding where nursing informatics began, where it is now, and where it continues to go.

For this Discussion, reflect on the role of individual nursing informatics innovators and consider their contributions, the impact of their contributions, and what you might specifically learn from them in your nursing practice. Reflect on your background and experiences in nursing informatics. You will also review Table 1 from the American Nurses Association (2015) Scope and Standards of Practice (2nd ed.) Explore on how you might apply the knowledge of these innovators and the information from Table 1 to your nursing practice, your education, and your future goals.


Be sure to review the Learning Resources before completing this activity.
Click the weekly resources link to access the resources.



Required Readings

  • Sipes, C. (2020). Project management for the advanced practice nurse(2nd ed.). Springer Publishing.
    • Chapter 1, “Basic Project Management for the Advanced Practice Nurses and Healthcare Professionals” (pp. 3–16)
    • Chapter 2, “Advanced Practice Nurse Role Descriptions and Application of Project Management Concepts” (pp. 17–46)
    • Chapter 3, “Design/Initiation: Project Management—Phase 1” (pp. 58–62)
  • American Nurses Association. (2015).Nursing informaticsLinks to an external site.: Scope and standards of practice (2nd ed.).
    • “Introduction” (p. 1)
    • “The Scope of Nursing Informatics Practice” (pp. 1–6)
    • “Standard 1: Assessment” (pp. 68–69)
    • “Standard 2: Diagnosis, Problems, and Issues Identification” (p. 70)
  • Marr, B. (2020). These 25 technology trends will define the next decadeLinks to an external site.. Forbes.
  • Walden University Oasis: Writing Center. (n.d.). Citations: OverviewLinks to an external site..
  • Walden University Oasis: Writing Center. (n.d.). Common assignments: Discussion postLinks to an external site..

Required Media


  • Review the American Nurses Association. (2015). Nursing informatics: Scope and standards of practice(2nd ed.).
    • “Introduction” (p. 1)
    • “The Scope of Nursing Informatics Practice” (pp. 1–6) in this week’s resources.

After reviewing the weekly resources, including the nursing informatics innovators stories, discuss your experience with nursing informatics and how this course could enhance your informatics skills and competencies.


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