Roughly 3 Pages Engineering Ethics Write A Paper

Roughly 3 Pages Engineering Ethics Write A Paper

Roughly 3 Pages Engineering Ethics Write A Paper


Using this document as a guide, write a 5 -7 pages paper that focuses on the engineering decision-making on Uber Self-Driving Car Accident (2018) . Your paper must have the following sections, with the following headings (in bold):

I. Part One: Case Presentation [This section of your paper must be at least 600 words—or roughly 2 pages—long.]

1. In a section titled Case Narrative, offer a well-sourced, chronological narrative of the case. Who are the engineers (individuals and/or companies) involved in your case? Are there any non-engineers who are key players in your case? Who, if anyone, was harmed? Who, if anyone, benefited?

2. In a section titled Morally Significant Decisions/Actions, identify any morally significant decisions made and/or actions taken by the engineers in your case. Why were these decisions/actions critical? Did any of the non-engineers (managers, owners, clients, etc.) in your case aid or interfere with these decision/actions in any significant way?

3. In a section titled Values of the Engineers, identify any values (efficiency, profit, safety, reputation, power, innovation, etc.) that you believe drove (explicitly or implicitly) the engineers in your case to make the decisions and/or take the actions that they did. Why do you believe that these were, in fact, the values in play?

II. Part Two: Value Analysis [This section of your paper must be at least 900 words—or roughly 3 pages—long.]

1. In a section titled Better Decisions/Actions, say what you think should have happened in your case. Could any of the engineers in your case have made better decisions or taken better actions? If so, identify these decisions/actions and explain how and why your proposed alternative(s) would have been better. If not, explain why you believe this case is nonetheless ripe for value analysis.

2. In a section titled Better Values, say which value(s) you think should have guided the decision-making of the engineers in your case. Why are these the values that ought to have been the ones driving/motivating the decisions/actions of the engineers in the case?

3. In a section titled Values Lessons, say which values lesson(s) (i.e., lessons about moral values and the resolution of moral dilemmas) an engineer can learn from your case? Why are these important lessons to learn? [Remember that values lessons do not look exclusively to the past; instead, they look primarily to the future and seek to inform the decision-making of engineers who have learned these lessons.]

III. Works Cited: Include all and only sources cited within the paper. You may use APA, MLA, Chicago (, Turabian (, or any of the recognized Engineering citation styles ( for all citations throughout the paper, or any other approved citation style (just ask me for approval).

[Because this paper is most importantly a philosophy essay, you should be sure to give thorough consideration to the questions raised in Part Two above. In addition to telling us what happened in your case, you are going to be making an argument about the ethics of your case. This will require exposing your point of view, taking a position on the moral value of the decisions and actions relevant to your case, and defending your own view of who is morally responsible and how engineers can learn from your case.]

**If your paper does not contain substantial consideration of the engineering decision-making in your case, then your paper will be treated as “off-topic” and will be returned to you for a re-write. A substantial penalty will also be assessed in such a case.**