Running Heads Part Awatch Su How The Company Can

Running Heads Part Awatch Su How The Company Can

Running Heads Part Awatch Su How The Company Can


-This question has Part A, Part B, and Part C

Answer each part in a separate document and include at least two references in each part and include Intext citation where necessary.

– Please do not include any headers and no running heads


  1. Watch Ted Talk: What’s your 200-year plan?
  2. Watch the Ted Talk: Dare to disagree
Initial Post (1 300-word post)

Why is it important to learn to plan – and to change plans – in today’s world and work environment? Give examples from your experiences. Did you handle the change well? How could you have done a better job?


Task 4

Task 4


Watch these LinkedIn Learning sections: Sections 1 – 3 from the course: Global Strategy with Anil Gupta

Read Textbook Chapters 9,11

Read textbook Chapters 7, 13

Complete the Task Assignment: Globalization (Portfolio Assignment)

Describe the globalization of the company. This should be done by answering the following questions:

In what countries does your company operate? Given that, when in your career might you expect to begin traveling to other countries?

Given your company’s global operations, would you expect that you would actually live overseas at some point?

If your company is affected by global operations, what skills or abilities do you think will be important in getting a job there?

You have found yourself in a conversation at a reception with the CEO of your company and you want to impress the CEO with your understanding of the company and global issues. What would you tell the CEO is the most important factor the company faces in its global environment?

What would you ask the CEO about the company’s global environment?

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Complete the Task Assignment: Organizational Culture (Portfolio Assignment)

Scan through the company’s website to find any statements made about the company’s culture. Describe what you found by answering these questions:

Does the company explain how long it has held these cultural values or how they were formed? To whom are these ‘espoused’ values directed on the website? Prospective employees or customers?

Does this organization win awards or come close to being one of the best places to work in the country? What other information suggests that this organization makes an effort to generate positive emotions for employees?

In your opinion, is this organization a relatively high- or- low stress place to work? Explain your answer. What practices does this organization seem to use to help employees minimize stress?


Complete the Assignment Managing Global Operations (Portfolio Assignment)

Describe how the company can improve its operating efficiency.

What operating strategies could it pursue, and how might they enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise?

If a firm is a service enterprise, is its product offering standardized or customized to individual customers or customer groups? Are there benefits to increasing product customization? What operating process would have to be put in place to do that?