Scientific Method Project SCI505

Scientific Method Project SCI505

Scientific Method Project SCI505

Scientific Method Project SCI505

 Scientific Method Project

In a 2-page maximum type written paper, complete research on a topic of question from the readings. Utilizing the scientific method, document the application of the steps in determining your hypothesis and findings. Each step is worth up to 20 points (20 points provides thorough examples and explanation, 10 points minimal examples and explanation, 0 points not complete).

Step 1: Observe and Generalize

Observe different characteristics related to your topic of question, and then generalize about it. Take into consideration what is already known on the subject, varying opinions, past mistakes, and new aspects that you may have not foreseen. Summarize:

Observation 1:

Observation 2:

Observation 3:

 Step 2: Formulate a Hypothesis

Formulate a hypothesis by making an explicit statement about the cause of the common cold based on the observations and generalizations you made in Step 1.


Step 3: Formulate Valid Test Criteria and Ideas

 Consider how you would test your hypothesis. Remember, the test must allow for showing the hypothesis to be right or wrong. Formulate a test idea:

Step 4: Design an Experiment

An experiment is a carefully planned and executed manipulation of the natural world that has been designed to test your prediction. You must design an experiment, which accounts for all factors that may vary during the course of the experiment, or variables, except for the controlled variable, which is the factor or element under study.

Experiment Step 1:

 Experiment Step 2:

 Experiment Step 3:

 Step 5: Analyze the Data and Modify Your Hypothesis

Does the data you analyzed support, reject, or require modification of the hypothesis? Explain and modify your hypothesis to reflect according to your research.