Separate Reference Page Mgmt 101 Morgan State Un

Separate Reference Page Mgmt 101 Morgan State Un

Separate Reference Page Mgmt 101 Morgan State Un

Individual Written Assignments:

  • Individual Writing Assignment #1 has a Mandatory Video Submission – Your response must be in a video (do not submit a voice recording, that is not a video submission format) submission format. What does that mean, you need to record your response by showing your face and your voice and submit in the dropbox.
  • Individual Writing Assignment #2 should have a minimum of five pages. You need to follow APA format (cite the source both in the text as well as on a separate reference page), check thoroughly for grammar and punctuation, and most importantly, make sure you answer the entire question. Avoid “brain dumping” – if there is a specific question on a topic, do not spit out everything you know on the topic; keep it limited to information that answers the question. If the question has multiple parts, make sure you answer each of them. These are based on material we will watch, but they are first and foremost, research-based assignments. This means that you need to look beyond the film, text, and PowerPoints to answer them. Each assignment should include at least 10 sources, which should not include your text. Please consult the rubric for the assignments before starting them, so you have a full understanding on how you will be evaluated.
  • All citations in the reference list should be cited in the body of your paper (use APA style guidelines).

  • Individual Writing Assignment (IWA #1) – Mandatory Video Submission – Identify a “Food Desert” problem and explore the root cause of the “Food Desert” problem by repeating the question “Why” 5 times. (20 points for explaining each Why)
  • Food Deserts : What Are They? (NOTE: You need to do some research on what food deserts are to complete this assignment)

    For an example if the problem is “The Vehicle will not start”

    1. The First Why will be – “ The vehicle will not start because the battery is dead.”

    2. The Second Why will be – “ The battery is dead because the alternator is not


    3. The Third Why will be – “The alternator is not functioning, because the alternator belt

    has broken.

    4. The Fourth Why will be – “The alternator belt was broken, because the alternator belt

    was well beyond its useful service life and not replaced.

    5. The Fifth Why will be – “The alternator belt was beyond its useful services life and not

    replaced because the vehicle was not maintained according to the recommended service schedule. (Root Cause of the reason why the vehicle will not start)

  • Individual Writing Assignment (IWA #2) Completion of the 5 Whys should be used to create a product or service that can be used to resolve an issue related with food deserts. Note: When creating your product or service consider using the four management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling to explain the product or service you have come up with specially as it relates to problems, issues, and opportunities of operating and managing this product or service you have created. Think about how to scale (grow), the resources you would need, your market niche, and how to finance your potential food deserts product or service idea. (25 points for explaining each management functions)