Simply Raise Questions Without History Of The Pro

Simply Raise Questions Without History Of The Pro

Simply Raise Questions Without History Of The Pro

write your typical 2-page essay. second page must be a personal reflection that relates to Theology,

2 pages of reflective essay

first page : summary of the video

second page : personal reflection

here is the link of the video: history of the prophets

for guidelines of how you have to write the essay for the video : remember to follow it !

Sacred Scriptures Video Essay Guidelines

Note: the video will be inaccessible after the due date; essays handed in late will be penalized.

  1. two – page, double-spaced typed essay
    1. one page overview/summary of key points, important concepts, with reference to evidence cited in the video.
    2. one page informe reflection about TODAY. Please don’t discuss the video again. Hopefully, something in the video will be thought provoking to you (everyone will be different) and that you will want to develop an idea/topic that you feel strongly about. This is a journey of discovery; it only happens with intellectual honesty. There is no right or wrong answer. I’m interested to see that you are seriously contemplating the material and trying to wrestle with ideas and the way they may impact you and your beliefs TODAY.
    3. begin your reflection with a thesis statement and develop your stand on some issue; do not refer to the video. EG. “I do (do not) agree with capital punishment”
  2. written in proper style, checked for spelling/grammar errors

The purpose of the 2-page essay is to practice supporting a written viewpoint: a) that demonstrates a critical grasp of concepts discussed in the video with accompanying supportive evidence, and b) that shows a thoughtful, considered, personal reflection of some aspect of the topic covered. The essay will thus have both an objective and a subjective component.

Note: Please develop only one idea/topic in some depth. I do not want a series of topics where you voice an opinion on every topic. JUST ONE IDEA developed well. Also DO NOT REFLECT ON THE VIDEO; NO NEED TO MENTION THE VIDEO AGAIN, EXCEPT FOR ONE SENTENCE OF TRANSITION TO INDICATE WHAT IN THE VIDEO PROMPTED YOUR REFLECTION.

Objective component: 5 points

It is an organized essay that: 1) is well-written with use of spell and grammar-check; 2) is a good overview or summary of the video as a whole; 3) discusses the key points and major concepts; 4) refers to relevant passages/evidence/examples; 5) shows a grasp or understanding of the meaning or significance of the video’s message.

Reflection component: 5 points

It is an organized essay of an idea related to the video, that: 1) is well-written with use of spell and grammar-check; 2) is a serious attempt to grapple with a relevant issue of today in a meaningful way; 3) focuses on or develops a particular viewpoint 4) does more than simply raise questions without pursuing answers; 5) includes some evidence, experience, or reference to outside material to provide support for the particular viewpoint.

Personal Example: The sacrifice of Isaac passage causes me great grief still to this day. Why would G-d expect such a thing, and can I accept such a portrait of this G-d? Such an act of a father would be a capital offense today. My view is that I cannot accept this particular portrait of G-d because…….(SR)