Size 12 Times New University Of Waterloo Regulato

Size 12 Times New University Of Waterloo Regulato

Size 12 Times New University Of Waterloo Regulato

Debate: As digital firms gain monopoly status in some markets, should regulators intervene to break their monopolies?

We are NO side that we think regulators should NOT intervene to break their monopolies.

The assignment should contain an Introduction, two main arguments, and a conclusion with the understanding that a rebuttal paragraph or points need to also be included in the paper. (Note: Increasing innovation and achieving high profits cannot be one of the two arguments.)

1. Position Paper

The position paper should logically and persuasively defend the side of the debate assigned to the team. The use of headings is encouraged. Teams are required to incorporate real-life examples/cases into the position paper and presentation. The paper must contain at least five external sources. The paper must be between five and six pages, double spaced, 1-inch border, and in size 12 Times New Roman font. You must use APA for citing the sources. The paper should not be a mirror of the supporting article(s) provided by the instructor. The articles should be a starting point for further research. (Supporting Article document is attached.)

Remember, to be persuasive, you must have a solid understanding of the other side’s position. You must counter some of their potential arguments in your paper in at least one “refuting” paragraph. Your counter-arguments should not encompass your entire paper, but you do need to at least briefly refute the other side’s claims.

2. Speech Draft

Please provide an additional Speech Draft based on the position paper, which is about 8 minutes long.

3. Visual Aid (PPT)

The visual aid should support your argument. Do not copy and paste portions of your paper into the visual aid. Utilize the visual aid to your advantage to show, for example, persuasive data or flow charts. The visual aid should be submitted as a PowerPoint. Be creative! You may not incorporate videos into the presentation.

With the visual aid, you are looking for clarity, something that is visually appealing, persuasive, and related to the material.

Overall, you need to submit THREE documents, including Position Paper, Speech Draft, and Visual Aid PowerPoint.