Sleeping Schedule Look Like Reproductive Health I

Sleeping Schedule Look Like Reproductive Health I

Sleeping Schedule Look Like Reproductive Health I

For this paper, I need a female that is a mother who has experienced pregnancy/can answer such questions and then write the paper for this assignment so that it sounds authentic to the paper. I came up with the five questions already, but I need you to have them answered on the side like an interview and then incorporate it into the paper as noted. All of the instructions are in the “Reproductive Health Interview Project Instructions” attachment. Please be super detailed when answering these so that whenever you include necessary points for it, it will sound good.


  1. What was your experience like when giving labor? Did you have a natural childbirth or a c-section? Was your birth given at a hospital or at your home?
  2. How difficult was it to deliver your child? Did you get an epidural analgesia to lessen the pain? How long were your contractions for?
  3. Did you sleep with your baby in bed during the first several months post-pregnancy? What did your sleeping schedule look like based on that?
  4. What is your philosophy in regards to breastfeeding vs. formula feeding? Which one have you done? Or rather, have you given your children a mix of both?
  5. Did you have your husband or a family member by your side for support during any of your labors? Did it help you gain strength in those moments, or was it distracting?

You will need to incorporate class readings/lecture with what we have learned. I will provide material that are transcripts of her lecture to take info from. There should be an intro, then several body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

When you refer to the interviewee, refer it to my mother. Within the paper, you can quote the questions, then add “my mom’s” answer and later your reflections/thoughts to it.

Make sure that you sandwich when you add quotes. in the instructions paper, it shows you how to sandwich it properly.

Grading rubric

2pt – Formatting and content guidelines followed 3pt

– Thoughtful interview questions 5pt

– Discussing topics, themes, or questions from the interview 5pt

– Discussing your interview content in the context of the material from readings or lectures, i.e., drawing links between what was discussed in your interview and what you read/heard about from class 1pt

– Sandwiching quotes with your comments before and after 2 pt

4pt – Overall quality score

The other attachment is how you should structure the paper.After the listed 5 questions, you then begin the written essay. Note there are four more attachments that need to be referenced in the paper that I will send in the chat later.