Social Media Platform Per Busn 697 Central Texas

Social Media Platform Per Busn 697 Central Texas

Social Media Platform Per Busn 697 Central Texas


This is a two part questions. First I will need the discussion question answer which will be below in bold, 250 words APA format. After that is completed I will extend the time and will need the discussion responses answered. For those response I will need three responses of at least 150 words each.

What is Portfolium

When creating an e-portfolio, what do you feel are the essential components that captured what you’re learned? What previous work(s) do you think would highlight yourself and your top learning achievements at APUS? If you were to review an e-portfolio as an employer, what learning outcomes would be most important?

Student one:

Good morning,

Previous work is an important component of capturing what has been learned. It not only showcases research skills and writing techniques, but demonstrates knowledge and understanding of a subject. Every individual interprets information a certain way. Showing that interpretation through research assignments can provide potential employees with a better understanding of your capabilities and background. In some cases, this can be more beneficial than a resume because you are presenting the entire story, instead of a short bullet point on a resume.

Through any degree program there are courses that are more enjoyable than others. This might be due to professional experience, or previous knowledge and interest in the subject. Selecting work to highlight top learning achievements will depend on an individual’s goals. If there was a subject where I had little knowledge, then I may want to showcase assignments from that course to show my progression, understanding, and mastery of the subject matter. Highlighting work that may be of interest to potential employers is important as well, especially if you’re seeking growth in an industry, or a career change.

As an employer, I would like to see a candidate fully understand their strengths and weaknesses and demonstrate their ability to adapt and use them to their best potential. The background and history of an industry is critical. Often, a company’s mission statement is to set guidance for future growth and success. In most cases, that statement is created based on the founding principles of the company. I would want to look at a person’s accomplishments to see if they could be incorporated into the company’s vision. It’s critical to look for specialized skills and knowledge that would benefit a department within an organization.

Student two:

Hello everyone,

Within the e-portfolio, there are essential components that can highlight previously learned material. One of the primary components is the diversification of content within the portfolio. A wide range of relevant material from within a field of study shows a broad understanding of that field. The MBA program has many different classes within the realm of business. For example, classes ranged from economics to legal and ethics in management. Projects from each class show that a broad spectrum of business concepts were covered, rather than a narrow field of study. Included in diversification is having different types of products that use various programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, and any others used. Another essential component is making sure all the information within the portfolio is up to date. A lack of an up to date profile shows a lack of commitment and attention to detail.

I believe my top achievement would be the ability to use Excel and its linear programming capabilities. Linear is a complicated tool to learn, but when learned correctly can be very powerful. My final project from BUSN 603 is a great example to showcase this skill. At an employer’s standpoint, reading a 20-page paper is probably unlikely. But, showing that Excel, PowerPoint, and other tools are at someone’s disposal can be beneficial. When showcasing these different document types, more than the basic functions of the program should be displayed. As well, being competent in writing is another outcome that an employer would likely expect to see within the portfolio.

Student three:

I think the e-portfolio is an excellent tool. It creates a space to where a job candidate, a student, or a career professional can showcase as much or as little about themselves as they want. I was not sure what to expect really. I thought, honestly, great another Facebook or LinkedIn type of platform. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is not like them. It is not a social media platform per say, but exactly what it’s name suggests, an electronic portfolio.

I feel that including your experience or experiences, to the fullest extent, is essential to the e-portfolio platform. It gives you the opportunity to really showcase what you are capable of, much more so than a resume. The platform truly gives you a stage in which to present what you have done and what you are capable of. That usually happens in the interview process, should you make it through the screening system, phone calls, etc.

Previous works to include in my portfolium were selected based on the importance of the project or piece of work I submitted in my prior classes, for example, final projects and papers. I also think that anything relevant to a real-world situation, any project or paper completed on a topic as a means of continuous improvement rather than a research paper or project, should be included.

As an employer, I would look for educational or learning outcomes in the candidate, but I would also, perhaps more so, look at their experience(s). I would pay close attention to the description of their work and/or work experiences and how that would translate into what I would need them to do. Any prior military service is always a plus, in my opinion, as they individual would have leadership skills, discipline and work ethic ingrained in them, or at least should have. Those are traits that are vital to any successful operation or business.