Sociological perspectives to a topic

Sociological perspectives to a topic

Sociological perspectives to a topic

Last updated on September 23rd, 2023 at 08:13 pm

For this application of sociological perspectives to a topic assignment, select any topic that can be explored from a sociological perspective.

  1. Summarize the topic
  2. Describe the key concepts and associated vocabulary for this topic.
  3. Describe how this topic may apply to your personal life, career goals, education, or philanthropy
  4. Apply one of the three sociological perspectives to your topic (Conflict Theory, Functionalism, or Symbolic Interactionism)

STUDY key terms.

Match the terms below to the appropriate definition. We’ll use these terms within our discussions and assignments:

  1. Sociology is:
  2. The Sociological Imagination:
  3. Conflict Theory is:
  4. Functionalism is:

a. The way inequalities contribute to social differences and perpetuate differences in power

b. the study of groups and group interactions, societies and social interactions

c. an awareness of the relationship between a person’s behavior and experience and the wider culture that shaped the person’s choices and perceptions. It’s a way of seeing our own and other people’s behavior in relationship to history and social structure

d. The way each part of society functions together to contribute to the whole

Answers: 1=b 2=c 3=a 4=d


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