Sociology 2270 C01 – Sociology of the Family

Sociology 2270 C01 – Sociology of the Family

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Sociology 2270 C01 – Sociology of the Family

Research Article Assignment

  1. Cite the reference for the journal article in the current APA format, with proper indentation, how you would cite it on the reference page of an APA research paper. (refer to APA manual or talk to a librarian if you are unsure how to do this) (2 points)
  2. In your own words, briefly describe the research issue or problem that is being What do the authors intend to accomplish as a result of doing this present study? (Do not simply restate the title or copy from the abstract.) (2 points)
  3. What were the concerns about the previous research or the unanswered research questions? What previous research studies prompted the authors to conduct the present research found in this journal article (usually found in the first few pages of the article)? (2 points) These are two separate questions or issues here.
  4. This question does NOT refer to the course textbook, but the answer should be found in your article. As discussed within your research article, outline and describe the specific theoretical framework or the author’s assumptions that might be applied to the issue that is being researched. Some authors actually begin by citing and explaining the main theories that they have used. (2 points)
  5. From the course textbook and class handouts, select one of the main sociological theories that are discussed in the text. First, define the key concepts in the theory and then clearly explain how the main points of the theory that you selected apply to the issues from the research study in the article. (4 points)
  6. This is NOT a theory question. Clearly explain how the concepts discussed within your article can be effectively integrated into the chapters in the present course of study of “Sociology of the Family”. Be precise here: you need to clearly indicate the page where you found the terms, concepts, or definitions in the textbook. (2 points)
  7. What is the hypothesis and what do the researchers hope to find, resolve or discover? Some journal articles may have more than one hypothesis. Clearly identify one main predictive research hypothesis (this is NOT a question) that is tested by the authors in the journal article. (2 points)
  8. From the research hypothesis in question #7, clearly identify and describe one dependent variable. How is it operationalized or measured; what instrument was used? (2 points)
  9. From the research hypothesis in question #7, identify and describe one independent variable. How is it operationalized or measured; what instrument was used? (2 points)
  10. Identify the statistical analysis process or the actual statistic (i.e., correlations, means, percentages, cross-tabs, t-tests, Chi-square, regression, analysis of variance, ANCOVA, MANOVA, etc.) used by the authors in the study of their data. You do not need to fully understand the statistical analysis, but need to identify what analysis they conducted after they collected the collected data. (1 point)
  11. What were the results of this study between the variables you selected? State what significant research findings were discovered between the variables in the research hypothesis that resulted directly from using the stated statistical analysis you identified in Question 10 in the research that was presented. (1 point)
  12. In your own words, summarize one of the other major findings in the study; this cannot be the same findings that are covered in Question #11. (2 points)
  13. Please find two other academic research articles on the same topic as your first article and cite them in correct APA format. Then give a brief summary (not the abstract) of the research from each study and what the major findings were found in the conclusion of the article. Print the first two pages of the PDF full-text version of each article and attach them to this assignment.Article #1 citation: (1 point)Article #1 summary; do NOT simply copy phrases from the abstract: (2 points)Article #2 citation: (1 point)

    Article #2 summary; do NOT simply copy phrases from the abstract: (2 points)


Please staple a copy of the journal article to this assignment.

Make sure that you have clearly indicated (highlighted by question number) on the article where the information for each question is located. Up to 10% will be deducted if you do NOT show where you found the information for the questions.

The assignment is due anytime during the week of Feb. 3 – Feb. 7.

No assignments will be accepted after 12:00 noon on Feb. 7; no extensions.