Spaced Using Times New English Question

Spaced Using Times New English Question

Spaced Using Times New English Question

hello, i have an essay to be done , everything is explained below.



  1. Before beginning this paper, read this guide on developing research questions:

The Writing Center | How to Write a Research Question | Guides (

  1. Last week we touched upon the issue of privacy. For this essay, using the issue of privacy, you will develop your own research question. This can be anything privacy related, such as cyber security, data protection, facial recognition technology. Here is a link to Privacy in Opposing Viewpoints:

  1. Your answer to your research question is your position (thesis statement).

  2. Use the library, your textbooks, etc. to find your research resources. There should be at least four sources to support your argument. Three sources should come from the library’s database or your textbook. One source can be from outside of the library, but should end in .org or .edu. Good database sources for this issue are Opposing Viewpoints and Films on Demand.. Here is a link to Films on Demand: Search Results – Films On Demand (

You will need to sign into the library using your OCC login information to view Films on Demand

  1. Keep your audience in mind.

  • This paper must be four full pages in length (not including the works cited page).Correct grammar must be used.
  • An additional citation (works cited) page must be attached (follow MLA guidelines. Use the Purdue Owl website and Chapter 12 of your textbook for help with MLA citation format.
  • Paper must be typewritten and double-spaced using Times New Roman 12 point font as well as other MLA formatting (see attached sheet)
  • Support any arguments you present in your papers with quotes from your sources and make sure to use the correct citation format. (MLA style)
  • Although you are supporting your argument with quotes, the majority of the argument should be your own.Be careful not to plagiarize.
  • MLA format must be used; be sure to refer to the Purdue Owl website.
  • Remember, you cannot refer to yourself. You should not use I think, I feel, in my opinion, it is my belief, etc.
  • Your D2L similarity score should be 20% or below

Develop your thesis statementThis is your position or claim (basis of your argument)

This is where your subject, purpose and focus all come together in a controlling idea.

  • A clearly stated thesis conveys your main idea (your argument).
  • A thesis statement is an explicit declaration (usually in 1 sentence) of the main idea.
  • It will convey a single idea, clearly focused and specifically stated.
  • It can be thought of as a central idea phrased in the form of an assertion.
  • It is a claim-it indicates what you claim to be true, interesting or valuable

about your topic

NOTES: Make sure that you correctly format your works cited page (see next page for other notes)

Make sure that you properly cite paraphrases, as well as direct quotes in the paper and on

your works cited page


Check your similarity score (sources should not be the majority of your paper; use only to support your point).