The Argumentation Essay Fall 2019

The Argumentation Essay Fall 2019

The Argumentation Essay Fall 2019

The Argumentation Essay Fall 2019

The Argumentation Essay Fall 2019


  • Use 12 point font
  • Use Times New Roman or Calibri
  • Use Double Spacing
  • Use a minimum of five recommended sources
  • Give the paper a title
  • Complete four pages (Minimum length)
  • Remember that the last date possible to turn in the first draft and the annotative bibliography is Sunday, November 3, 2019. If you miss turning in the first draft or the argumentation draft, you will get a zero. The first draft is worth five percent of your overall grade.  If you miss turning in the rough draft due on November 3, 2019, you will still be able to turn in the final argumentation draft, just not revise it.

Paper’s Organization

  • Introduction—explain the controversy and provide any needed background information. This paragraph should be a minimum of nine to ten sentences.
  • Body Paragraphs—3-5 paragraphs that give reasons to support your point. You should be thinking about “Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.” Do you have these appeals in the paper?  Remember, you should have more “ethos and Logos” than “pathos.”
  • Body Paragraph—Refutation (Acknowledge problems with the opposition’s viewpoint.)
  • Conclusion– Firmly restate your opinion and the main reasons for your opinion.
  • Annotated Works Cited Page (Must include all used sources, with five being the minimum.)
  • Do not begin or end a paragraph with a direct quotes. Quotes must be sandwiched in what is known as the quote burger. See the following link:

Here’s How It Works

  • These suggestions come directly from your textbook. Depending on your book, page ranges vary.
  1. At the beginning of the paper, identify the controversy surrounding the issue and state your position in the thesis.  The thesis should be the last sentence of the introduction.
  • For instance, if you are arguing that Marijuana should be legalized in all states, then tell me which states have passed a law allowing the use of medical marijuana? Also, what does that mean? I should know in the introduction if those laws differ.  I should know whether the Federal Government still considers marijuana to be an illegal drug (it does as of October 2015).  Then you should let me (the reader) know whether any state has passed a law making all marijuana use legal (as of January 1, 2018, California allows recreational marijuana).
  1. Provide readers with strong support for the thesis. Use source material to find strong evidence supporting your thesis. While you will be using “pathos,” “ethos,” and “logos” in your paper, you should be relying mainly on “logos” and “ethos.”  You do not have to mention these terms in the paper, but from the movie, you have seen how they help your argument.
  1. Seek to create goodwill. You want to avoid alienating your reader.
  2. Organize the supporting evidence.
  3. Use Rogerian strategy to acknowledge differing viewpoints (see your book for an explanation).
  4. Refute differing viewpoints.
  5. Concede if the opposing viewpoint has a good point that you can’t argue.

Logos, Pathos, and Ethos

1. Logos—means Logic.

  • Most of your essay should be dealing with logic.
  • This includes the facts, statistics, and examples.

2. Pathos—means sensitivity to emotion.

  • Appeals to the reader’s needs, values, and attitudes.
  • Try not to overuse.
  • Pathos is important when persuading, but far less important when arguing.

3. Ethos—means creditability and integrity.

  • The writer uses credible sources and does not try to trick the reader.
  • You want to be knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Here’s How It Works,

Recognize logical fallacies. These are false conclusions or tricks used to get readers to agree with you. You don’t want these in your paper because they are NOT logical.

See pages 267-272 in the 4th edition print version.