Concept of Psychology in Business Administration

Concept of Psychology in Business Administration

The Concept of Psychology in Business Administration

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 03:22 pm

This Concept of Psychology in Business Administration assignment, along with the personal ePortfolio you will finish developing in the next module, serves as a vehicle through which you will demonstrate the extent to which you have achieved some of the learning outcomes that are the pillars of your Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree. The Integrative Reflection is your discourse on the research problem. It is a demonstration of your abilities as a reflective, integrative learner, and as such it shows your capacity for meaningful synthesis of information garnered from disparate sources. Whereas the Integrative Reflection will be the centerpiece of your showcase ePortfolio, in which you will demonstrate your capacity for compelling selfrepresentation, the quality of your final self-representation will significantly depend upon the quality of your work in this module.


Complete your interdisciplinary Integrative Reflection with a view towards presenting your findings in a polished ultimate draft. A robust product will include several strong examples of the two types of integration you worked on in the previous assignment. Additionally, enrich your reflection on the research problem by using and citing at least two secondary sources. Note that the evaluation rubric still includes the Cross-Disciplinary Integration dimension and the Integration of Learning and Experience Dimension, and that four other dimensions have been added. As promised earlier in the course, the last two evaluation rubrics of UNST 3900 (this one and the one associated with your personal ePortfolio) include criteria pertaining to the characteristics of a reflective lifelong learner. The rubric for Module 4 will include the dimensions of Independence and, appropriately, Reflection. For the evaluation of your
Integrative Reflection, the dimensions of Curiosity, Initiative, and Transfer have been included.

Consider Transfer, which involves your required development of cross-disciplinary integration. At the Capstone level, your reflection would include applications of knowledge and skills you learned in one of your minors “to demonstrate” effective use of them “in novel situations.” This is the sort of transfer of learning that necessarily would occur through development of an innovative cross-disciplinary “practical whole” that cogently addresses your research problem. As for Curiosity and Initiative, two closely related behaviors in the context of your reflection, each addresses an aspect of your interest in the research problem you have been exploring. Does your written text glimmer with expressions of your obvious interest in the subject? Does the content find you having gone beyond the mere outlines of the subject or problem to delve further into questions or concerns raised by your exploration of it, thus showing not only your intellectual capacity for lifelong learning but also your penchant for it?

Note that the last dimension of the rubric for Module 3 pertains to the rhetorical soundness of the final draft of your Integrative Reflection. This dimension, Rhetorical and Compositional Quality, addresses your adherence to the effectiveness of your rhetorical strategies and to the conventions of composition (e.g., organization, coherence, development) and of grammar that are essential to sound written communication.



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