The Role of Hormones in the Development of Gender Roles

The Role of Hormones in the Development of Gender Roles

Leadership Intervention Reflection Paper

Leadership Intervention Reflection Paper

Psychology of Gender


The Role of Hormones in the Development of Gender Roles:

Demonstrate the most recent research on the role that hormones might play in the development of gender roles.

Part One:

If you choose to do the research paper (creative project), you are expected to write a paper that should be
no less than seven pages long, excluding the title and reference page(s). You should research the topic using library
resources and additional readings and references at the end of the chapters assigned. The paper must follow APA
format, including citations for all references you use and submitted to the Assignment box.

Part Two:

A PowerPoint presentation of your work must be submitted as well. This PowerPoint should of a quality
that one would expect to see accompanying an oral presentation. The PowerPoint should be no more than ten
slides. You will be required to create a 7-10 minute PowerPoint presentation during the semester outlining and
recording. Your PowerPoint must be saved in .ppt (not .pptx) and emailed to me on the date and time it is due. Video
clips are encouraged but videos may not exceed two (2) minutes total. You must have completed and submitted the
2-3 page synopsis of your project into the Assignment box prior to giving your PPT Presentation.

Part Three:

Synopsis – No less than four pages in length and should specify why you chose medium, artistic
choices made during its creation, how it relates to sexuality, relevant resources/references, and APA