Theory and Practice of Representation

Theory and Practice of Representation

Last updated on October 5th, 2023 at 05:18 am

You are required to do the following in this Theory and Practice of Representation task;

Step 1:
Familiarize yourself with the video found here:

AND the website associated with the video, located here:

AND the website of your Senator in the Texas Senate:

Step 2:
After learning about Reflective Democracy across the United States it is time to learn about how it affects you. Begin by examining yourself and your surrounding community. How would you describe your cultural background? How would you describe the cultural background of your Texas Senator/Representative? How would you describe the cultural background of the district that he or she represents (and that you are a part of)? Compare and contrast the culture of the district to the culture of your Senator/Representative. Compare and contrast the culture of your Senator/Representative and your culture. Compare and contrast your culture with the culture of the district that you live. Where do you see the greatest differences between cultures? What are some advantages and disadvantages of these cultural differences? How would you work to bridge the divide between cultures? (SR 1)

Step 3:
Find a policy issue that your Texas Senator/Representative has taken a stand on. Explain that issue in detail. Once you have explained the issue, provide information on where your representative stands on the issue. Where do you stand on the issue? What do you believe should be done? What might be another alternative solution? Thinking about your ideas on the issue who might object to your viewpoint and what might their objections be? Once you’ve laid out their objections, respond to them, and explain, with logic, why your perspective is correct and your opponents’ objections are mistaken. (PR 1 and PR 2)

Step 4:
Now that you have officially staked out a policy position, you need to think about how to get it put into action. Who in the government, and who in your community. do you believe should be involved? What specific actions should you (and those in the community) take? Why is it important to get your community involved and what will be the benefits of activating people to the cause? (SR 2)

Step 5:
Let’s assume that you are successful in your efforts, and you achieve your policy goal. What do you believe will be the consequences of putting this policy into practice? How far reaching do you think the consequences will be for your community? Your state? Your country? What do you think will be the effects over the short term? Over the long term? Be sure to mention both positive and negative consequences that might result? (PR 3)



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