Two Different Paper Need Umkc Prosocial Behaviour

Two Different Paper Need Umkc Prosocial Behaviour

Two Different Paper Need Umkc Prosocial Behaviour

this is two different paper need some one to record a presentation for me and MUST be A GIRL.

for the first paper the powerpoint is already ready but you need to make five slides powerpoint for the second paper you will recode.

i will drop example of the lecture made by classmate :… (Links to an external site.)

prepare a 10-15-minute lecture.

You will record your presentations on Panopto and present the information on a PowerPoint with at least 5 slides of your choice. This is a pretty simple process because you already have all the information you are going to present. We just want to practice presenting our data and structuring best presentations. You will submit the links to your Panopto presentations on an assignment link that will follow this prompt.

If you have question how to use Panopto or record videos, please refer to the following links: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


Please note at the following points at your presentations:

  • Please make sure to refer to the setting of your Panopto recording and make it public so everyone can see it before submitting it here.
  • Please talk with a loud voice while you are giving your lecture (headsets are preferred).
  • Record yourself in a room where there is no distracting noise with enough light.
  • You are required to use PowerPoint or other presentation aids to make the lecture much more entertaining for all.
  • Plan ahead, test-run, repeat, and send the refined version to me prior to deadline.
  • Speeches should not exceed 15 minutes and should not be less than 12 minutes.
  • If you have any problems, please contact me prior to the deadline and leave some time for yourself to solve technical problems.

i did not get peer review for both project so you can make up your own:

Questions to consider while doing the peer-reviews:

  • What is the paper’s target community? How manageable, big or small the community is?
  • What is the proposed project? How well-defined the project is?
  • How feasible the proposed prosocial project is?
  • How are the evidences/supports of the main thesis?
  • How effective are the researcher’s plan and strategies?
  • What interesting facts/new ideas did you find in the paper?
  • What suggestions for improvement do you have for the writer?