Two Different Vulnerable Populations Therapeutic

Two Different Vulnerable Populations Therapeutic

Two Different Vulnerable Populations Therapeutic

Discussion 1

You are a school nurse. A student comes into your office and is hesitant to share his thoughts with you. What could you say or do to develop a therapeutic alliance?


As you consider the discussion question you need to first do research and understand what a therapeutic alliance is. It relates to a relationship between the healthcare professional and the patient. It is how you connect, behave and engage with one another. What else is it known as and what is the primary role?

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Discussion 2

An 86-year-old male parishioner is on hospice care at home, and his daughter, who is a nurse, has been trying to meet all his physical needs around the clock. The pastor, who made a home visit, calls the faith community nurse to express his concern that the daughter is becoming “burned out.” How can the faith community nurse engage the faith community as a whole to provide volunteer support to this family?


As you consider this what else can the community nurse do to collaborate with the hospice team for support services and how what can we do directly with the daughter?

When I think from a hospice standpoint, I know that they have highly trained professionals that are in place to help work with patients and their families to address the psychosocial aspects of end of life situations. Some services include respite services for “breaks” for the caregivers as one example.

Discussion 3

As you look back on Sessions A & B of Public Health Nursing, reflect on what you knew then and what you know now about the role of the public health nurse and her/his importance locally as well as globally to various communities.

Discussion 4

After viewing your classmates’ presentations, describe some new things you learned about two different vulnerable populations other than the one you researched. Can write about other vulnerable population not the Homeless

Please for each discussion 150-250 words with in-text citation and references.