Two Student Posts Barstow Community College Fran

Two Student Posts Barstow Community College Fran

Two Student Posts Barstow Community College Fran

. Write a brief essay about Francisco Goya in paragraph form. Explore the topic through the era, the culture, the region and/or the effect it had on the world of art. Watch this short video, under six minutes, to get some inspiration on why art is a valuable part of our lives.

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Mateo Huerta

One art that has captured my attention has the famous painting The Third of May 1808 by Francisco Goya (page 22, Chapter 2). The painting shows a group of captives who have been surrounded by Napolean soldiers who are in the process of being executed. The artist painted this historic painting in such a way he captures the last moments of the victims as the soldiers start firing. The painting captures the horrors of the war that occurred between Spain and France. The napoleon army had seized control of Spain after cheating its rulers with little resistance but they detested their new rulers.

This would lead to rebellion by the Spanish people, especially in Madrid. They were angry that their royals were being taken to France after the capture of the country. This would lead to Dos de Mayo Uprising. In a response to the uprising, the French soldiers were given orders to shoot anyone arrested with weapons. The painting by Goya was done to commemorate all the Spaniards killed by Napoleon soldiers and to show the horrors that come with war.

The Third of May 1808 holds a critical position in the world of art. It is a great historical piece that shows the horrors the Spanish people in Madrid went through at the hands of Napoleon’s army.That night, hundreds of Spaniards were rounded up and killed in several locations around Madrid. The painting immortalized the victims of the French reprisals and made them heroes in Spaniard’s eyes. The people killed during the reprisals acted as an inspiration for Spaniards to resist Napoleonic rule in the five-year Peninsular war.