Us Full Documentary Sociology Families In Cros

Us Full Documentary Sociology Families In Cros

Us Full Documentary Sociology Families In Cros

I need a revision on this paper because the writer did not follow all the instructions.

Revision comments
No outside sources, just information from class materials and the film itself. Please use class materials that include an article, lecture notes, book, and film only (no outside sources)
I specifically requested the writer to use only materials that I provide as sources.

The original instructions were as below

This particular essay does not require an introduction or a conclusion. You just have to answer each question (total 4 questions). Also, this particular essay DOES NOT require any outside sources, which means I will provide all of the class materials that you need, and you solely need to use these sources to write this paper.

  • I attached all files that you need for this paper
  • Do not need Introduction and Conclusion (Just need answers for these four questions)
  • Please cite in class materials such as lecture note 1 and 2, Chapter 4: Global Families, article: “Negotiating Migration, Performing Gender,” and the film: “God Grew Tired of Us”
  • Please avoid any outside sources (the instructor does not prefer to add any outside source for this particular essay)

Explanation from the instructor:

For question number 1:

  • Lecture slides provide examples that will help you to have some kind of idea for question number 1. Also, you need to provide at least three examples. (Multiple examples needed)
  • You MUST read the article, “Negotiating Migration, Performing Gender” by Anju Mary Paul, in order to answer question number 1.
    • Please cite this article if you need to.
  • I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to look over the chapter 4 from Global Families, which will help you to develop and improve further.
    • Please cite this chapter if you need to.
  • Please use the article, “Negotiating Migration, Performing Gender” by Anju Mary Paul, and the chapter from Global Families to respond to these questions.
  • Mainly, you will need to answer these 3 questions BASED ON THE FILM: “God Grew Tired of Us” Full Documentary Narrated by Nicole Kidman
    • This is an opportunity for you to prove that you have fully understood the film and watched the film completely. Also, I want every one of you to show me that you watched the film.
    • Since these questions require some details, you might want to go back to the film if you need to.

For question number 2 to 4:

(You will be able to find the video on YouTube by just typing the title of the film as well)