Use your Health Promotion Plan (Week 5) to create a patient education brochure

Use your Health Promotion Plan (Week 5) to create a patient education brochure

use your Health Promotion Plan (Week 5) to create a patient education brochure

This week you will use your Health Promotion Plan (Week 5) to create a patient education brochure. The information in your brochure should target a specific population group for your Healthy People 2030 topic and be organized, accurate, and informative as well as visually appealing using appropriate layout, design, and graphics. Begin by viewing the following video to assist with this assignment: Creating the Patient Education Brochure (Please see the video)

You will create a 6-panel brochure that will inform and educate your population of interest using the following criteria:

  1. Create an APA-formatted title page that will come before your brochure. In addition to the APA-required information on this title page, include your target audience and feedback from a member of your target audience. (Note: You will first create your brochure, share it to garner feedback, and then document this feedback on your submission.)
  2. Review the 3 objectives you listed in your Health Promotion Plan. Utilizing these objectives and the content outlined in your Health Promotion Plan, develop content for your 6-panel brochure.
  3. Use text, headings, and graphics to convey the content to your target audience for them to achieve the stated objectives.
  4. Keep in mind the behavioral theory/model in the design and content of your brochure. Provide a reference for this on your reference page.
  5. When writing your content, use simple and straight-forward language appropriate for your target audience. Proper spelling, grammar, and mechanics are required.
  6. Include references and in-text citations for your sources. You need a minimum of three scholarly or professional sources. Include APA-formatted references on the back panel of your brochure.
  7. Please note you will need to share your brochure with a member of your target audience and document their feedback on the title page.  For example, “John Doe reviewed the brochure and indicated he had difficulty understanding some of the terms. The terms were modified.” You may not document feedback from a healthcare provider or from a family member.

 Here is an example of health promotion brochures:

 Here are some resources to help you with patient education.


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