Used Foryour Venture Capital Week 7 Written Assi

Used Foryour Venture Capital Week 7 Written Assi

Used Foryour Venture Capital Week 7 Written Assi

During the course we have discussed the many facets of becoming an entrepreneur. Now it is time to request the funding. You have experienced many examples of people presenting their ideas so now it is time for you to do the same.

Create a VIDEO which will include you pitching your idea for a product/solution in addition to utilizing PowerPoint or Prezi to cajole a group of venture capitalists to decide to fund your business.

You must be visible in the video and also use the presentation slides to sell your idea during the video.

Upload your completed video to the Discussion Board. Insure the video is public so we can view it.

Financials are important but also the venture capitalists are buying YOU so you need to be convincing and well-prepared.

Ensure your presentation is compelling because the potential buyers are a tough group to convince and you only have one meeting to accomplish this task.

Presentation length about 5 – 7 minutes. Stay within the time span as if not your grade will be reduced by at least 25%. This is a strict requirement so practice prior to submission.

New Business Venture Plan

In this course, you are acting as an entrepreneur looking to start your own business. Once you have decided and received approval for your new business venture idea, you will work to prepare a final PowerPoint presentation, in CaptureSpace (Kaltura) to venture capitalists to obtain funding for your business startup. This plan should provide a compelling reason why a venture capitalist would choose to invest in your company along with financials which will demonstrate, to your potential funding partners, what you anticipate the seed money will be used for and what return on investment the funding partners can expect to receive.

There are three parts to the assignment:

A written business plan.

A PowerPoint/Prezi deck that is to be used during the presentation.

A video presentation to the targeted audience.

The written business plan (50 points) must contain the following information:

  • Elevator Pitch
  • Momentum, Traction, Expertise: Your key numbers
  • Market Opportunity: Define market size & your customer base
  • Problem & Current Solutions: What need do you fill? Other solutions
  • Product or Service: Your solution
  • Business Model: Key Revenue Streams
  • Market Approach & Strategy: How you will grow your business
  • Team & Key Stakeholders (Investors, Advisors)
  • Financials, including projections for revenues, aggregate expenses, and operating income
  • ROI percentage you plan to return to your investors, with rationale/support
  • Identify existing and potential competition
  • Investment: Your ‘Ask’ for funding, What the funds will be used for

Your Venture Capital slide deck (50 points) is the “pitch”, the overview of the key points of your written plan presented to venture capitalists.

Optional Slides: Exit Strategy, Partnership Agreements, Product/Service Demo,

Existing Sales/Clients, What is unique or compelling about your business idea?

Finally, you’ll prepare a video (50 points) of your “pitch” and upload to the Week 7 discussion board for student review.