Watch the video on – The Danger of Silence – below

Watch the video on – The Danger of Silence – below

Watch the video on - The Danger of Silence - below

Watch the video on – The Danger of Silence – below

  1. Describe one of the social and societal issue you saw in the video and the TedTalk.
  2. Research a solution for each of the issues you identified from both videos and explain them. Be certain to quote them properly using APA and reference them at the end of your journal correctly.
  3. Explain what does Breaking the Silence has to do with the issues you have chosen.


Your journal should be concise and to the point. Try and limit to just one page. It must contain proper quotes from your research and references. Also it must contain well organized paragraphs. It should also address the questions/topics above and show a clear understanding of the topics with relevant information demonstrating a clear understanding.


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