Wear Two Different Colored Deviant Behaviour A Ta

Wear Two Different Colored Deviant Behaviour A Ta

Wear Two Different Colored Deviant Behaviour A Ta


This learning activity is to better your understanding of what it might feel like living with a disorder or being seen as different.The saying goes; “in order to understand someone, you must first walk in their shoes”

For this assignment I want you to gain an understanding or sense of empathy for those that are living with a disorder. You may choose one of the tasks below. Then, write a brief, one page synopsis on your feelings and reflections on this experience.

1. Choose a way to deviate from a norm or normative behavior and asses your feelings about it and also assess the reactions/ responses you get from others while engaging in this behavior. Then consider how it felt to be different? How did you feel about others reactions to you? Now imagine that you experienced this every day of your life….

Here are some ideas or suggestions and examples of deviant or non normative behaviors to give you an idea of what I am looking for.You may try one of these or develop your own idea. Remember, nothing harmful, hurtful or embarrassing for you or others.

When in a crowded elevator ,say the floor numbers out loud as you pass each floor.

When in a crowded elevator start singing an upbeat song.

When at the mall, start talking to yourself out loud.

At home with your family, if you typically don’t sing, belt out a song.

Wear two different colored socks or stockings one day.

Walk your dog backwards in front of others.

Skip instead of walk into a room

You get the idea. Again nothing unethical, hurtful, harmful or too embarrassing for you or others.


2. Talk with or rather listen to a friend or family member that is experiencing a problem. Allow that person to express their feelings and be a kind listener.When that person is finished talking, thank then for trusting you with their feelings Do not offer advice or judgment.

Report and reflect on your feelings about this experience. If you chose to talk with someone remember not to include any identifiers such as name, age specifics of problem or diagnosis. I want you to write about your feelings. How did you feel when talking with this person? Could you feel empathy for them?


For this discussion, post your definition of abnormal or what abnormal means to you, not the text’s definition.