WGSS 1104: Final Project

WGSS 1104: Final Project

"Culture," "Identity," and "Heritage"

"Culture," "Identity," and "Heritage"

WGSS 1104: Final Project

Overview: The final project for WGSS 1104 is a multidimensional, curatorial project where students will focus on a feminist topic and highlight three pieces of art that explore the topic. This project allows students to select the topic most interesting to them and leave the course with an item that showcases their creative and technological abilities.

Step 1: Select your topic and submit the final project proposal. Below are some example topics that we’ve discussed throughout the course.

• Domesticity

• Personal is Political

• Intersectionality

• Sexuality

• Sexual Violence

• LGBTQIA+ Identities

• Motherhood

• Race & Class

• Girlhood

• Disability

• Equality

• Aging

• Police Brutality

• Gun Violence

• Reproductive Justice

• Feminist History

• Politics

Step 2: Select your artwork.
• The artwork can be from 3 different genres (music, film, visual art, poetry) OR the artwork can be from the same genre

  • It’s one or the other – all different genres (ex: a song, a painting, and a poem about motherhood) or all the same (ex: 3 poems about police brutality)

• The pieces must be created by 3 different artists

• Students cannot use art used for their midterm papers or art used for their discussion board posts

Step 3: Create your own Wakelet page. Your Wakelet page must include:

• Cover image and title Introduction to your feminist topic

• The 3 pieces of art

• Analysis of the 3 pieces of art

• At least 3 sources relevant to your topic, used to compose your intro and analyses

• Optional: photos of the artists, images related to the topic, etc.

Exemplary Final Project Examples:

• The Fight for a Woman’s Right to Choose through the Lens of Feminist Art

• Femme Identities and Anti-Trans Violence