Whole Foods Adopts Mgt 434 Hcc General Motors A

Whole Foods Adopts Mgt 434 Hcc General Motors A

Whole Foods Adopts Mgt 434 Hcc General Motors A

Assignment 1

Shareholders occupy a position of central importance in the corporation because they own shares of the company’s stock. As owners, they pursue both financial and nonfinancial goals. How can shareholders’ rights best be protected? What are the appropriate roles of top managers and boards of directors in the governance of the corporation? How can their incentives be aligned with the purposes of the firm, including the interests of the company’s shareholders? And how can government regulators best protect the rights of investors and promote good corporate governance? On the other hand,

The rapid advances in information technology in just the past few decades mean that more information than ever before—about individuals, organizations, and governments—is located in on servers or in “the cloud.” This extraordinary development raises difficult challenges for governments and businesses related to information privacy, security, and ownership. What are the challenges facing governments and businesses in the management of information? What roles have governments and businesses played, and what are the ethical implications of their actions?

After reading chapters 12 and 13, complete the following exercise:

Scientific Breakthroughs

In a world of nanotechnology, human genome, biotechnology, stem-cell research, and cloning are we truly better because of these scientific breakthroughs or not? Instructions:

1. Investigate and locate evidence that supports the benefits of the list of scientific breakthroughs below

2. Identify and discuss the threats or limitations that these scientific progress has created.

A. Nanotechnology

B. Human Genome

C. Biotechnology and Stem-Cell Research

D. Cloning

E. Genetically Engineered Foods

Your research must be in APA writing style with at least 5 scholarly journal references no less that 1250 words.

Assignment 2

Prepare Discussion case : After “Whole Foods Adopts Egalitarian Compensation Policies- But Fights Back on Board Elections” Use the case analysis guide to prepare the case in chapter 13.

For this case, you will complete the case analysis and questions to the case.

You will also be required to a power point presentation with a script explaining both the case analysis and the case questions with no more that 10 slides

The script must be separated from the word file.

Your case questions MUST be appropriately labeled consistent with the way they are identified using the case study analysis.