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Withdrawal Without Following Proper Ol 663 Park L

Withdrawal Without Following Proper Ol 663 Park L

Identify and describe an organization that has gone through a change process and the impact on the organization. Include in this paper strategies that the organization implemented during this change process.

Additionally, identify one challenge associated with change management faced in the organization and provide a solution you would utilize in overcoming this challenge. Some challenges include but are not limited to job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job stress, work-life balance, job-culture fit, organizational communication, etc…

You are to include a leadership component to this paper, in that as you have studied various leadership theories/models for your Leadership Paper you will be able to include a leadership perspective to this paper (you can use points in your leadership paper for this section). This paper must demonstrate your overall understanding of the course content and its relation to the importance of organizational change and leadership. Include course content in this paper. It must have at least 10 pages of content (excluding cover page, abstract page, and reference page). It must have at least 10 reference sources, peer-reviewed journal articles and books. APA formatting is required. This paper should be written in the following format with related subheadings included:

  • Introduction: introduction to organizational behavior and specific challenge your paper will focus on; explain the challenge experienced by the organization
  • Literature Review: a well-written summary of the literature that you reviewed in relation to your identified challenge
  • Leadership: style of leadership model/theory that would best be able to meet the needs associated with the challenge
  • Recommendations: provide your own recommendations to meet the needs associated with the challenge identified in your paper
  • Conclusion: concluding points of the paper



93 – 100


80 – 82


90 – 92


70 – 79


87 – 89


69 and below


83 – 86

A and A- indicate a superior grasp of the subject matter of the course, initiative and originality in assessing problems and ability to relate knowledge to new situations.
B+ and B indicate satisfactory performance in control of the subject matter and ability to apply principles with intelligence.
B- and C indicate less than satisfactory performance and may disqualify the student for further study.
F indicates failure in the course or withdrawal without following proper procedures.