Word Paragraphchoosen Poemchimerahttps Writing D

Word Paragraphchoosen Poemchimerahttps Writing D

Word Paragraphchoosen Poemchimerahttps Writing D

I’m working on a writing question and need guidance to help me study.

for step 2 you can choose any poem you would like but it must meet these requirements

  • It is a poem of no fewer than 12 and no longer than 36 lines
  • Choose a poem that evokes a strong reaction or interested you in some way. It is easier to read, analyze and discuss a poem you like or find powerful
  • AVOID the handful of overly familiar poems that many people have heard or been assigned to read since childhood (such as “The Raven,” by Edgar Allan Poe, or “The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost). It’s best to choose a poem that is fresh and new to you.
  • choose a poem from any of the following sources

    but make sure it follows the guidelines

  • after finding a poem (please send me the one you chose before you start anything)create a document and rewrite the poem (word for word)with the following included
    • The poem’s title
    • The name of the poet
    • The site where you found the poem (from the list above only)
    • An online link directly to the poem
    • Copy and paste the poem so that it reads like the original – with the all of the correct original line breaks and punctuation.

    then on the same document below the poem…

    • Develop a two-paragraph written response to the poem, and post it just underneath the poem itself. (each paragraph should be 225-250 words)
    • Label each paragraph clearly with the appropriate header, “Analysis,” and “Reflection.”

    for The Analysis paragraph:Your analysis should be informed by this week’s readings. Identify at least three features of the poem’s form. Offer examples. Discuss how those formal elements contribute to the poem. Be specific, avoid vague language.Choose aspects of form that seem noteworthy and important. Examples to consider might be the line breaks, a rhyme scheme, the use of metaphor, imagery, consonance, allusions, and so on. It depends on the poem.In your observations about form, use the critical vocabulary from this unit’s readings.Avoid generalities. Specificity if the goal. Pay close attention to the poem.Length: A 225-250-word paragraphfor The Reflection paragraph:In your reflection about the poem’s power or effect, discuss the poem’s mood, tone, and theme.Draw some conclusions about what is striking about the poem and why you chose it. Share what makes the poem powerful or worth reading.This is not exclusively a “feelings” question, although certainly your subjective feelings-based reaction to the poem is an important element here – but so is the quality of your attention to the relationship between form and content to create meaning.Try to draw some conclusions about how specific choices create certain effects, which in turn, make an impact on you, the reader.Length: A 225-250-word paragraph

  • choosen poem
  • Chimerahttps://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/155848/chim…