Write One Paragraph I Want To Do Homework For En

Write One Paragraph I Want To Do Homework For En

Write One Paragraph I Want To Do Homework For En

Homework #11: The Power pages 243-325 (“Here it Comes”)

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Utilize the writing process, including pre-writing, writing, revision and proofreading to produce complex, high-quality work.
  2. Evaluate the validity and soundness of arguments and the evidence within them.
  3. Synthesize the ideas of two or more writers to create a broader understanding of an issue or topic.
  4. Utilize critical reading strategies so as to successfully pull meaning from complex texts and texts structured in non-academic formats.
  5. Identity Formation: students will examine their personal identities as well as those who differ from them in order to situate themselves in scholarly conversations and leverage their cultural, historical, and ancestral capital as well as lived experiences
  6. Skills: Students will develop writing, research, synthesis, critical thinking, rhetorical analysis, technology, and presentation skills
  7. Intellect: Students will gain new knowledge outside of the English discipline by examining the history and interdisciplinary applications of their social issues
  8. Criticality: Students will engage in the projects this term in order to challenge systems of oppression and create social change

PART 1: Answer these questions about The Power (Due Sat)

In this section, the narratives really begin to intertwine. For this homework assignment, please respond to each question listed below in a post of at least 400 words total. Use evidence from the novel to support your reasoning.

  1. What examples do you see in this section of women abusing their power over men? Be sure to discuss individual actions from our characters as well as laws that are starting to pass.
  2. What is the significance of Roxy losing her skein? Describe how it was taken from her and what results from it.
  3. What was Allie’s ultimate plan?
  4. Why did someone claim that Tunde was dead?
  5. Describe how Roxy and Tunde meet and the relationship that they form. Why do they become so close so quickly?

To cite The Power, your citations will look like this: “quote” (Alderman 221).

PART 2: Answer this question about Adichie’s Ted Talk (Due Sat)

After watching Adichie’s, “We Should all be Feminists” TedTalk (Links to an external site.), write one paragraph connecting at least one main point from the Ted Talk to The Power so far. Specifically, include at least on quote from the Ted Talk and explain how it relates to something that has happened in the novel to this points.

Be sure to cite the Ted Talk in MLA using this format: “quote” (Adichie 3:24). You should have Adichie’s name and the time stamp in parentheses.

PART 3: Reply to peers (Due Sun)

Now that you have posted your map and responses from Parts 1 & 2, reply to at least 2 peers. Respond to their answers from both parts 1 and 2.

Your responses to your peers should total at least 150 words each. To reply to a peer, click on the “Reply” link under his or her thread. Respond to two peers who have yet to receive a response by a classmate. If everyone’s response has been answered, respond to the ones with the least amount of responses. For example, if every student has at least one response, then respond to the students who only have one or two responses instead of those who have 5 or 6 already.