Writing 250 Single Space Ku 1937 Ogburn Getting A

Writing 250 Single Space Ku 1937 Ogburn Getting A

Writing 250 Single Space Ku 1937 Ogburn Getting A

I need you to do me two simple assignments.

First one is : I will provide one of my classmates discussion answer and I need you to response to his answer by writing 250 single space words. before you response to his answer you need to read the culture and sociology reading that I uploaded. It has to be on a file by it self. Word doc.

My classmate discussion that I need you to response to :

Brandon Polizzi

After reading Ogburn (1937) I got a different perspective on culture. Tyler definition of culture/culture values are more accurate than Redfield because culture is something that is past down and/or taught such as religion. Tyler uses Ethrological Perspective however this only one perspective. There are many other perspectives to culture. One idea or belief is not always the true definition because culture is a very broad subject. Ogburn (1937) goes on to talk about Ethorological Perspective and how culture is always changing. The author states that people who have ideas are constantly trying to add or take away opinions and ideas about their culture to make a better community between individuals. In my opinion I agree with the author statements because culture is rapidly changing. I have seen how some people I know do not want to be stereotyped by their culture so they take out some of their beliefs and some of their ideas to conform to the community around them because they do not want be left out or looked at differently because of their culture. We should be able to accept everyone and not leave out people or look at them differently because of what they believe in or their culture values.

Second one:

I uploaded two readings that you will need to read and understand very clearly. After you read and understand both of them, I want you to create APA style references. For those two readings. I need it by a file it self. Word doc.