Writing Assignment: Article Review on Medication Administration [Narrative Response]

Writing Assignment: Article Review on Medication Administration [Narrative Response]

Article Review

Article Review

Writing Assignment

Article Review on Medication Administration [Narrative Response]

• Select an article on “Medication Administration” from a scholarly journal.

• Articles must be from a medical/nursing scholarly journal such as MN, British Journal of Nursing, etc. (newspaper articles, health related internet websites, etc. are not acceptable).

• Write a four (4) page summary on the above topic, “Medication Administration”.

• Need to include a title page and reference page on your article. These two pages are not included in the 4 page summary.

• Use the APA format. Refer to the APA website for examples and handout in class.

• Turn in your summary and include a complete PDF copy of the article together. • Article should be within the last 5 years of publication.

• No late assignments will be accepted

• APA Website referral: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

Include the following 6 key points when writing the summary/assignment: Grading will be deducted if these 6 key points are not included in the written assignment. Be specific in the summary and list the 6 key points and then the student’s reply to the questions.

Number/identify each section 1 through 6 in your summary with your narrative response.

1. The overall purpose or overview of the article

2. Why was the article chosen/of interest to you?

3. Pros and cons of article (Was it helpful, easy to understand or difficult to grasp the concept?)

4. What did you learn from the article?

5. Results of research, if appropriate.

6. Nursing implications: How can you utilize the information from the article in nursing practice and or client teaching?