4NH030 SIMM Family Case Study

4NH030 SIMM Family Case Study

4NH030 SIMM Family Case Study

4NH030 SIMM Family Case Study

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For this 4NH030 SIMM Family Case Study, you are asked to write a 2000 word (+/-10% leeway) assignment with supporting evidence and references which address’s the learning outcomes for the module.  Please compile your work following the usual protocols of third person, maintaining confidentiality and being current with your supporting evidence. Please utilise the contents of the module to complete your answers for each of the module learning outcomes. Consider the client group within your field of nursing to compile your answers. Below are pointers for discussion in your assignment.

Please use this template below to complete this task

Learning Outcome 1: Identify the potential biological, psychological and social determinants of care of an individual within an Adult Nursing context


·         (Introduction up to 100 words, Learning Outcome 1 discussion 500-700 words max.


·         Step 1: Provide an introduction to your assignment by outlining what you intend to discuss (aprox. 100 words).


·         Step 2: Outline the potential biological, psychological and social determinants of health and wellbeing affecting one selected member from the SIMM Family (see below in a table) for a selection of SIMM Family case studies to focus the case study on.


The layout

·         Introduce the chosen SIMM case study and

·         Give a brief overview of their demographics, and medical conditions, social information psychological and spiritual information.


·         Identify one health condition experienced by your SIMM Case Study (e.g. COPD –Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ),

·         Define and discuss the health condition (how is it caused? Or diagnosed), and

·         Discuss the related anatomy phatophysiology of the health condition (e.g. how does the disease process of the selected health condition compare with normal anatomy and physiology?).


·         Discuss the impact of the chosen health condition upon the patient’s health and wellbeing (e.g. if your SIMM Case Study has COPD, you might want to talk about related signs and symptoms such as breathlessness, or a need to have nebulisers at home or consider what is it like living with COPD?).


·         The student will then need to discover any actual or potential psychological (mental or emotional states) as a result of their health condition (is the condition associated with anxiety? Can the condition impact on sleep hygiene/ lack of sleep due to breathlessness.

·         Conclusion 

·         References (15 citations, strictly Harvard styles and not more than 7 years old)


Case study

SIMM 7 Demographics Medical/Physical Information Social Information Psychological and Spiritual












42 Year old Female

5ft 4 Inch




Alcohol excess







2 Children aged 4 and 2 years.



Sister to SIMM 3 Jo.



NOTE: Carol is the selected member of SIMM family (i.e. though many members of SIMM family have been given but this student has selected Carol to discuss about in this assignment). All focus must be on her.



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