200 Words Two Paragraph Hspm 100W Sjsu Applying A

200 Words Two Paragraph Hspm 100W Sjsu Applying A

200 Words Two Paragraph Hspm 100W Sjsu Applying A

Assignment guidelines:

In Chapter 19, you learned about “Applying and Interviewing for Employment”.  On page 576 of this chapter, it identifies six different letters that are written in the business world. “If you receive a job offer while other interviews are still pending, you can ask the employers for a time extension” Figure 19.6  

For this assignment, you are required to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the following letter and submit your analysis in a 200 words two paragraph document. (Paragraph one Strengths, Paragraph two weaknesses)

If you have any questions, please contact me during business hours.

Letter for Analysis:


Subject: Request for internship extension

Dear Mr. Salas,

I am writing this email to say thank you for your offer email which I received this morning! I feel cherished that you chose me to give the position of Accounting to have internship at Salas O’Brien’s office in San Jose. I am excited to have this opportunity with both in term of job duties and location.

In your email, you asked me to make decision by next week on February 27, but I would truthfully appreciate it if you are giving me more time to make the decision. Before our interview, I planned to have the interview with another company, so I need to keep this commitment to complete the interview. I truly want to intern at Salas O’Brien because I believe I can have wider knowledge and deeper experience after finishing my internship at your company, but I should come to the interview with my professional and respectful.

I am asking you to consider whether it is possible for me to provide my decision by March 4 and I assure that I will give my decision by that day. Promise! If you need my answer instantly, I understand and feel comfortable with that. Nevertheless, if you can give me more time to complete my interview, I would be thankful. Please let me know in a timely manner. Thank you so much for your attention of my request.


John Smith

101 A Street

San Jose CA, 98261