Biomechanics in Spinal Manipulation

Biomechanics in Spinal Manipulation

Naloxone Clinical Experience

Naloxone Clinical Experience

Biomechanics in Spinal Manipulation

                       Video/Blog/Podcast/Commercial Biomechanics Project Instructions

                       Here are the instructions for the video/audio project. 1 assignment/group.

                       Biomechanics video/audio Instructions: READ and FOLLOW completely

Audience: Your peers and family members

Goal of the Video/commercial/Podcast: To explain a biomechanical concept to your peers and family members to explain how this can either increase/improve performance or decrease injury, or show/explain how a certain way of performing a skill can increase risk for injury.

  • You will need to back up your argument using data and facts, not just your opinion. o For all formats, use facts to support your arguments as it relates to biomechanics. o Be sure to cite any authors, websites, etc (Didier, 2018) (if using a written format) all information that is not already in your brain and provide a list of references (full journal entry in APA format- at the end of whatever format you use or as an additional attachment).
  • Be sure you relate to biomechanical concepts, terms, and research studies

You must use proper grammar on anything written.

Follow APA style for your reference page. Refer here for any help with APA formatting: http://

Or you can find help on APA format here:

Your written text portion will be about 3-5 pages long depending on the format you use counting your reference page(s)). Use Times New Roman, Calibri, or Ariel, 12 point font, with standard 1 inch margins, double spaced.

To prepare to complete your assignment, you will need to (you may have already done some of these steps):

  1. Find a partner or 2 to work on the project with.
  2. Determine which topic you will research and write/talk about. This can be from any chapter in the book and then you will find additional information from library searches.


Assignment details: When creating your product you will need to complete ALL steps with your partner(s). If someone does not contribute they will not earn a grade (no tag-a-longs).

Your group will create a final project that will teach your peers and family something about the application of biomechanics as it relates to improving performance or decreasing injuries. You will teach them by using the science.

You will synthesize information from the lectures, book, your research, etc… to have information related to your topic to present.

To support your ideas and synthesis, cite a minimum of 3 articles (ex: Didier, 2018; Stavrinos, et al, 2013) from your library scientific research article search. When you refer to the information in a scientific article, do not just copy and “quote” sentences of information. Summarize their findings and relate to what they observed or measured to support your thoughts.

Include a reference page. This should be in APA format (Refer here for APA formatting: Or you can find help on APA format here: )

If you have plagiarized you will receive an automatic 0 and further action may be taken. Cite your references in your text and then list all of your references on your reference page using APA format. You can also use your book, notes, and lecture information, in addition to your 3 articles, but also cite and reference it. Reference ALL information that is not your original thought.

To receive an ‘A’ grade you must (refer to the rubric):

  • Complete all parts of the assignment,
  • Use proper grammar when speaking.
  • Explain your topic to your listener/viewer.
  • Synthesize your thoughts and topics fully
  • Use the concepts from biomechanics.
  • Proofread and have limited typographical errors if you have words on the screen.
  • List all information in your reference page using APA format, including class notes, book, and/or lectures.
  • Optional choices:
  1. Video: should be a minimum of 5 minutes with ‘credits’ that include your references.
  2. Podcast: should be a minimum of 5 minutes discussing topics with your ‘interviewer and interviewee’ . (if only audio) You will also need to submit a list of references of where your research comes from to develop the questions to ask and the responses.
  3. Blog: should present a persuasive argument for why multi-tasking or distracted driving leads to errors (eventually). Should also have a list of references at the end of the blog and citations throughout when you are speaking of existing research.
  • Any video based formats should be uploaded to “Kaltura media” or created in “screencast-o-matic”, or uploaded to YouTube
  • Turn into the blackboard assignment dropbox with a link to the video/audio if it is too big.
  • Double check everything using the rubric I will use to grade your video, blog or podcast

Is the assignment clear and persuasive, with thought and effort, and do the authors synthesize the material using biomechanics concepts and terminology? Do the listeners/readers learn about a specific concept?