Book Called Bright Dead University Of Maryland Br

Book Called Bright Dead University Of Maryland Br

Book Called Bright Dead University Of Maryland Br

3-4 page paper on the book called Bright Dead Things: Poems by Ada Limon, paper must be clear and concise and relate to the following questions that I have matched to various poems in the book.

Here are the questions:

1. Why specifically out of all of the dangerous animals that could be represented in this type of light did Limon choose a horse in the poem ‘How to Triumph Like a Girl’?

2. What is the relation between the dog and the phrase ‘I hate it for you’ in Limon’s poem titled ‘Down Here’?

3. In the poem ‘Oranges and the Ocean,’ is the imagery in the poem about oranges in the moon intentionally supposed to make on imagine the “Blue Moon” beer company? Or this that just a coincidence that when you order a blue moon there is an orange in it because they reference both a moon and an orange in the poem.

4. In the poem ‘Accident Report in the Tall, Tall Weeds’ what does the line about her being a bug hiding in the grass have to do with the rest of the poem?

5. In the poem ‘The Plunge’ I want to know more about what exactly made the author’s life so hard in this specific passage.

6. In the poem ‘The Good Fight’ what is the metaphor ‘I had to do it with a knife in my teeth’ supposed to make me feel exactly? Is it just supposed to make me feel more sympathy?

You must expand on these questions and add nice details to the poems that they are questioning, if you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

I have the book on iBooks and if you know how I can share it with you that would be great

Here is the link if you can purchase it instead, will add tip if purchased:…