Civil Rights Actthe Fourteenth Concordia Universi

Civil Rights Actthe Fourteenth Concordia Universi

Civil Rights Actthe Fourteenth Concordia Universi



What was Lincoln’s primary goal immediately following the Civil War?

  1. punishing the rebel states
  2. improving the lives of former slaves
  3. reunifying the country
  4. paying off the debts of the war


In 1864 and 1865, Radical Republicans were most concerned with ________.

  1. securing civil rights for freed slaves
  2. barring ex-Confederates from political office
  3. seeking restitution from Confederate states
  4. preventing Andrew Johnson’s ascent to the presidency


What was the purpose of the Thirteenth Amendment? How was it different from the Emancipation Proclamation?


Which of the following was not one of the functions of the Freedmen’s Bureau?

  1. collecting taxes
  2. reuniting families
  3. establishing schools
  4. helping workers secure labor contracts


Which person or group was most responsible for the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment?

  1. President Johnson
  2. northern voters
  3. southern voters
  4. Radical Republicans in Congress


What was the goal of the black codes?


Under Radical Reconstruction, which of the following did former Confederate states not need to do in order to rejoin the Union?

  1. pass the Fourteenth Amendment
  2. pass the Fifteenth Amendment
  3. revise their state constitution
  4. allow all freed men over the age of 21 to vote


The House of Representatives impeached Andrew Johnson over ________.

  1. the Civil Rights Act
  2. the Fourteenth Amendment
  3. the Military Reconstruction Act
  4. the Tenure of Office Act


What were the benefits and drawbacks of the Fifteenth Amendment?


Which of the following is not one of the methods the Ku Klux Klan and other terrorist groups used to intimidate blacks and white sympathizers?

  1. burning public schools
  2. petitioning Congress
  3. murdering freedmen who tried to vote
  4. threatening, beating, and killing those who disagreed with them


Which of the following was the term southerners used for a white southerner who tried to overturn the changes of Reconstruction?

  1. scalawag
  2. carpetbagger
  3. redeemer
  4. white knight


Why was it difficult for southern free blacks to gain economic independence after the Civil War?


How do you think would history have been different if Lincoln had not been assassinated? How might his leadership after the war have differed from that of Andrew Johnson?


Was the Thirteenth Amendment a success or a failure? Discuss the reasons for your answer.


Consider the differences between the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments. What does the Fourteenth Amendment do that the Thirteenth does not?


Consider social, political, and economic equality. In what ways did Radical Reconstruction address and secure these forms of equality? Where did it fall short?


Consider the problem of terrorism during Radical Reconstruction. If you had been an adviser to President Grant, how would you propose to deal with the problem?