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Argumentative essay instructions

1. You’re going to compose an Argumentative Essay in APA format. You must argue for a particular side.

2. Your essay, being argumentative, will use terms like “should” and “ought to” to call for readers to act or change their minds. You must argue FOR or AGAINST something. Do not just explore the history of a topic.

3. Double-spaced, Times New Roman, size 12. Running head: page numbers are inserted in the upper right corner; the title of your essay appears in the upper left corner (not your name–that is MLA style, this is APA style).

4. You must use the Google Scholar or the Coastline Online Library for at least three of the sources. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) / If you want to use the Coastline Online Library please let me know. You need user name and password to log in.

5. At the start of an APA-style essay you’ll have a title page. At the end of your APA-style essay you’ll have a section titled References.

6. There should be one to two quotations with citations per body paragraph. Please cite your sources in APA style. Remember that APA citations require (author, year, p. # OR para. #).

7. As this essay is short-ish, there is no need to include an abstract.

8. Total length will be around five pages

Title page (one page) / One intro paragraph + five argumentative body paragraphs + one conclusion paragraph = seven paragraphs total / References page (one page)

9. There should be no quotations in the introductory paragraph. Those too often congest the intro. Instead, save them for the body paragraphs. Your intro should provide the big picture, an overview with the background of the subject you’re arguing for/against.

10. Body paragraphs must be organized per the usual pattern: transition phrase, topic sentence arguing a specific aspect of your thesis, major and minor supporting details such as one or two well-chosen quotations with citations, your analysis and commentary, and a conclusion sentence wrapping up the paragraph.

11. Paragraphs should always be six to ten sentences long in this class.

You can choose the topic from below.

  • is good / bad for book culture.
  • California community colleges should raise / lower tuition.
  • The 2028 LA Olympics will / won’t be worthwhile for SoCal.
  • Girls should / should not be allowed to play on boys’ sports teams.