Could Narrow Michigan State University Mental H

Could Narrow Michigan State University Mental H

Could Narrow Michigan State University Mental H

In Assignment 1 you were asked to write freely about a general topic. In your post all of you included several points that you either knew about, or that interested you, and constitute your prior general knowledge about the topic.

Now, I would like you to choose ONE NARROW aspect to focus on. At this point I’ve responded to your post, and have given all of you some ideas of how you “could” narrow your topic, based on the information you gave me in your first writing. (Don’t feel unnecessarily constrained, that was meant to help, not hinder. If it does not ring true to you…….don’t follow that advice. It is easiest to focus as narrowly as possible, so that

This topic conversation will require research, you will need to find information to back any assertions you make. You need AT LEAST FOUR (3 is the minimum) research reference. For this paper you are required to, for at least one part, relay not just WHAT is known, but HOW it is known.


You might be writing about mental disorders, and indicate that the research shows that individuals with a family member with schizophrenia have a higher rate of having anxiety or depression. (That is the WHAT we know). You would want to further describe that researchers found that out by surveying and studying 100 families where one individual had schizophrenia, and compared them to 100 control families with no schizophrenia, and discovered that the prior had 25% rate of anxiety and depression, but the latter only had 8% rate. That is HOW we know that.

Remember that you are posting to a discussion board, and it’s public. If there is some reason you’d actually prefer your writing to remain totally private between you and I, email it.

Avoid broad generalizations that have no basis in research. The goal is to relay scientific research to a lay audience.

750 words (or so). It is likely easiest for you to use MLA for your citations, although in science any consistent citation format is acceptable. Use at least three references that extend above and beyond wikipedia. Include some science in your discussion.

Again, don’t plagiarize, that would be crazy. If caught you’ll lose your credit and suffer additional repercussions in the course. You’ll be reported to Student Compliance and develop “a record”.

Opportunity for feedback:

Paper 2 that has three references and gives scientific methodology.