Ethics: On-line final essay questions

Ethics: On-line final essay questions

Ethics: On-line final essay questions

Ethics: On-line final essay questions

Ethics: On-line final essay questions

Essay Questions


Your essay must be between 4 and 7 pages long, double-spaced (except the gap between paragraphs) in a 12-point font.

Choose one topic only to write on.

 Crucial Advice: all essays must utilize the relevant assigned readings, Essays that make no mention of our readings will lose points and likely fail. You MUST prove you have done your readings.

Crucial advice #2: if you don’t believe a conclusion then you must reject the argument for the conclusion. You cannot ignore the argument and just attack the conclusion. People believe things for a reason: it is those reasons you must discuss, reject or support with more reasons. Rejecting the conclusion without addressing the reasons for the conclusion will lose you points! (And it means you’re not listening to the person.)

Advice #3: Structure your essay for clarity of thought (a) first page will have an introduction, (b) thesis statement and (c) brief essay plan and (d) the paper will have sections e.g. “Norcross responds…” or “Criticisms of Singer’s argument”.  Important: Be sure to keep sections for explaining a person’s ideas separate from sections where you criticize their ideas! You must have a brief conclusion reiterating your thesis.

Advice #4        All quotes must be explained in your own words; don’t forget your documentation: page numbers required for references to what people say (or footnote to web address etc)

Advice #5        This is not a research paper: it is a reading comprehension paper i.e. you must show your understanding of the articles and websites assigned; you only need to use the material I have assigned websites, texts, slides. You do not need any further research. I am not encouraging further research, I want to see you explain the assigned material.


Topic : Abortion

 (i) Explain in detail Marquis’ argument for his conclusions that it is as wrong to kill a fetus AND that killing a fetus is as wrong as killing an adult.


(ii) Explain at least two objections to Marquis’ theory (see slides)


(iii) Explain: Thomson’s arguments for the moral permissibility of abortion and her violinist example.


(iv) Discuss: does the right to life “outweigh” the right to bodily integrity? What point about Rights, is Thomson making using the violinist example?


(v) Make your conclusion with reference to the discussion above: is abortion morally permissible?