EVR 2861 – 10176 – Intro to Environmental Policy

EVR 2861 – 10176 – Intro to Environmental Policy

Assignment 1 (Spring 2020)

1. According to the text, what was the environmental legacy of former President George W. Bush?

2. Cohen’s policy analytic framework deals with 5 constant issues in all environmental policy decisions. Briefly enumerate those issues and describe them.

3. To what source did Cohen look in designing this framework?

4. To what purpose was this week’s text written?

5. Discriminate between these concepts

a) Common Good

b)  Fair & Just

c) Ethical Relativism

d) Situation Ethics

e) Virtue Ethics

f) Utilitarianism

g) “Rights” Approaches to Ethics

6. Provide examples of each of the five dimensions of the analytical framework Cohen provides and comment upon each example.

7. Describe how Cohen’s framework as illustrated below works

8. How do Baybrooke and Lindblom describe the policy making process?

9. Identify three questions proffered by the author for each of these 5 analytical framework dimensions.

10. What are the purported flaws in the proposed Rosemont Copper Mine evaluation analysis?

11. What steps does Rosemont Copper propose to protect the environment when building its new Arizona?