Good Food Revolution Foreward Engl 105 Csm Will A

Good Food Revolution Foreward Engl 105 Csm Will A

Good Food Revolution Foreward Engl 105 Csm Will A

Pre-Reading Activity

Background: Pre-reading is an important way we explore prior knowledge that is relevant to the text, set purpose for reading, contextualize the text, preview to get a sense of the structure and content, and increase interest and comprehension.

Pre-Reading Questions

  1. Look at the cover. What colors are used? What images? Explain if these ideas give an inkling to the tone and content of the story.

  2. Make meaning of the book title. What do you think the title of the book means? What does it reveal to you about the content of the book? Why do you think this? What do you predict the title suggests about the author’s purpose?

  3. Notice the structure of the text. Refer to the table of contents. Based on the chapter titles, what do you anticipate the rest of the book will be about? Why do you think this?

  4. Consider the author’s background. Scan the cover of the book and perhaps do a quick google search. What do you know about the author? How do you think these details shape and inform his writing?

Good Food Revolution Foreward Discussion Questions

  1. What do you know about local growing seasons and growing conditions where you’ve grown up? What sorts of food is grown locally? Do you have a Farmer’s Market in your community?

  1. Think about where you can buy groceries. How far from your residence must you travel? Is this food source accessible by public transportation or only by car? In how many stores must you shop to have a balanced, healthy and affordable diet?

  1. What do you know about ‘food insecurity’? Do you know what resources there are for people living without sufficient access to food? What do you know about the food stamp program? What it covers? Where it can be used?

  1. How have different types of food or familiar dishes shaped you growing up?

  1. Are you aware of and can you identify the ways in which your food choices have an impact on the environment, specifically, within your community?

  1. What social problems does Eric Schlosser identify in his Foreward as being addressed by the book?