Improve Negative Coping Skills Uci Workers Stress

Improve Negative Coping Skills Uci Workers Stress

Improve Negative Coping Skills Uci Workers Stress

Post questions for at least 2 presenters and Post replies to all questions that to your post.

last monday I already post my ppt presentation you did for me in this discussion assignment.

We are required to watch at least 2 other’s post and ask them questions, and also required to answer who ask question to me about my presentation.


Classmate A’ s post:

Hi everyone!

Here is the link to my presentation where I discuss worker stress and my experience of it as a teacher:

Classmate B asks question to A:

Hi A,

Thank you for your amazing presentation! One question I have for you is: Did you have to grade at the same time as helping your students and that is what caused even more organizational stress? Or were they separate tasks during your shift? If yes, did they not realize this was a lot to handle at once?

Classmate C asks question to A:

My (much older) sister was a teacher at Kumon while I was attending there as a child. She usually had 5 children sitting all around the table while she was trying to help grade everyone.

Did your after-school program try to address this problem? Did they do anything to compensate with the multiple student-teacher ratio? I’d imagine they’d notice the stress they’re putting on their teachers. Or at least I’d hope so.

Thanks for your great presentation!

Then Classmate A reply to their question:

Classmate A reply to B:

Hi B,

It was a bit difficult trying to figure out how to navigate the two tasks. One one hand, they would give us piles of work to grade which they expected us to finish by closing, but at the same time discouraged us from grading while “actively” working with the students. On the other hand, we were working with individual students the majority of the time, not leaving much time for grading. So, I guess when the students did not need our immediate attention, we would be grading!

Thank you!

Classmate A reply to C:

Hi C,

This after school program I am talking about is actually Kumon! My center did not really do anything to compensate for the multiple student-teacher ratio. If they noticed that a student was coming in and waiting for a teacher, they would either rush us to finish with one of our students or move the student we were working with to work on their own (hoping that they would not need teacher supervision the whole time). I will say that our actual building was small so I can see why they were hesitant to hire more staff and add more table for teachers and students but it was definitely stressful!

Now below is two persons who ask me question about my presetation:

person one :You mentioned in your research findings slide that employees can improve their coping skills. Can you name some strategies that they can use? Thank you!

person two:Do you have any ideas on how to improve negative coping skills like drinking or smoking?

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Hi everyone! Here my presentation on worker stress as a Sunday school teacher (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

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Hi Everyone!

This is my presentation on Work Stress and my experience working at a fast paced restaurant. (Links to an external site.)