Influence Health Care Information Mhafp 5068 Cape

Influence Health Care Information Mhafp 5068 Cape

Influence Health Care Information Mhafp 5068 Cape

Develop an executive summary recommending the best approaches for evaluating hospital HIM systems, ensuring that they are sufficient to support the strategic plans and goals of the organization as it grows.

Note: Each assessment in this course is supported by the work you have completed in previous assessments. Therefore, complete the assessments in the order they are presented.

To develop a successful strategic plan, an organization must have the ability to properly evaluate and analyze current systems. This also includes the analysis and evaluation of HIM systems and other technology to determine the effects these systems have on workflow. Managers must possess the skills to implement successful evaluation plans prior to, and during, strategic planning processes. A good manager has the ability to align the outcomes of the systems evaluation with organizational goals and objectives. Ensuring optimized workflow should be a key aspect of strategic plans related to HIM technology.

This assessment provides an opportunity for you to identify appropriate analytical evaluation tools to help an organization develop a successful strategic plan




Note: Complete the assessments in this course in the order they are presented.


Before you begin developing your executive summary, be sure to complete the following Vila Health simulation. You will use the information you gather from this activity to complete the assessment.

  • Vila Health: Informatics Infrastructure.
    • In this simulation, you will assume the role of a member of a management team evaluating the IT infrastructure in place at the recently acquired rural hospitals. Focusing on health informatics technology, you will interview various department heads and other users at two hospitals to identify issues and concerns around performance, workflow, technology, and lifespan. The goal is to ensure that both hospitals have the health informatics infrastructure needed to meet the strategic goals of their organization as it grows.


Assume the role of a member of Vila Health’s leadership team who is planning a full evaluation of the health information systems of two recently acquired rural hospitals. You will interview various department heads and some end users at the two hospitals in order to examine performance, workflow, technology, and lifespan along with any issues, bugs, or concerns related to various components. The goal is to ensure the two hospitals have the health information infrastructure to meet the strategic goals of the organization as it grows.

Create an executive summary in which you:

  • Detail the specific analytical tools you would recommend to evaluate the health information systems at these hospitals. Be sure to include evaluation tools for performance, workflow analysis, and system design and organizational performance.
  • Assess how the strategic plans and goals of hospitals should influence health care information technology selection, design, build, and implementation.
  • Evaluate relevant legal or ethical business principles and industry best practices and their impact on the use of health care information technology for the hospitals.
  • Conclude with an explanation of how these specific analytical tools will show whether the systems align with the organization’s strategic goals.
Submission Requirements
  • Length: 6–8 pages in length (in addition to title and reference pages). Your explanation of any workflow plan should be done in narrative format with a workflow attached as an appendix.
  • References: At least five peer-reviewed resources to support the best practices you are presenting.
  • Formatting: Use current APA style and formatting, paying particular attention to citations and references.
  • Font size and type: 12 point, Times New Roman.

Requirements: 6 pages