Might Include Implementing Operational Art Crime

Might Include Implementing Operational Art Crime

Might Include Implementing Operational Art Crime

I’m trying to learn for my Law class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

To research and apply legal rules to a specific event or incident that may occur in an art contest or organization, specifically something that you may encounter in your career as an arts leader. In this paper, students will evaluate the legal liabilities that intersect with the event or circumstance, articulate the legal rules that inform the risk management strategy, analyze the possible outcomes, and propose a risk management strategy to address the risk of the event or circumstance.

❗❗ ❗ The area for this assignment was decided as research in Art Contract Law. Need to evaluate one event or case in the paper but only need one.

Each paper must include the following structural outline and components: (1) Introduction; (2) Legal Rules; (3) Analysis; and (4) Risk Management Assessment.

  1. Introduction
    The Introduction must include a summary of the event or circumstance that the student has selected, including all facts that will be necessary for a complete analysis. The event or circumstance may be based substantially or entirely upon a real event, provided that the student has enough information to conduct a thorough analysis, or it may be a possible event or another headline that is of particular interest. The event or circumstance should set up a question that the student will evaluate using the legal rules and analysis.
  2. Legal Rules
    The legal rules must provide a concise articulation of the legal rules necessary for a complete evaluation and must be cited to the appropriate authority.
  3. Analysis
    The student must evaluate the event or circumstance in light of the legal rules which intersect and inform the outcome to arrive at a conclusion that summarizes the legal liabilities and other implications for the arts organization.
  4. Risk Assessment
    Based on the legal liabilities and implications, the student must propose a mitigation strategy to address the risk appropriately. This might include implementing operational procedures, engaging insurance coverage, and leveraging contract agreements, among many others.

Students are not required to achieve a page minimum and are not restricted to a page maximum, as projects will differ in length and complexity. However, students are advised to keep their writing concise and consistent with APA 7th edition formatting requirements (Links to an external site.), with the following exceptions:

  • Students may align with the title page requirements specific to student work
  • An abstract is not required
  • Citations to cases should be made using these APA 7th Ed. guidelines
  • ❗ ❗ ❗ Need to provide the outline of the paper in 72 hours.