Naloxone Clinical Experience

Naloxone Clinical Experience

Naloxone Clinical Experience

Naloxone Clinical Experience

Last updated on September 29th, 2023 at 05:47 am

For this Naloxone Clinical Experience, please answer the following questions using your textbooks and websites listed below. Estimated time is 3 hours; each answer needs to be thorough and complete to receive credit.

1) What is naloxone, its brand name, and its intended use?

2) List 5 medications that naloxone can reverse. What medication class do these medications fall under?

3) What are 3 key points for a nurse to understand about naloxone?

4) What are 5 signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose?

5) What will happen to a client that is administered naloxone following an opioid overdose?

6) Why do many facilities implement a standing order for naloxone whenever an opioid is prescribed?

7) Utah Naloxone is a non-profit organization that provides free naloxone kits to the community. Why would this be important?

8) How does providing free naloxone kits to the community provide an opportunity for risk reduction?

9) Why is it important for nurses to educate on risk reduction?

10) Why is risk reduction important at the community level?

11) Review the website and answer the following questions:

  • What service does Utah Naloxone provide?
  • Find the link on the left side “Naloxone Stories – Second Chances” and choose two stories to watch. Write a summary of each story addressing the impact of addiction and how naloxone helped.
  • List 3 places that you can personally obtain free naloxone that are nearby your residence, work, etc.
  • Why is it important for everyone to have a naloxone kit?

12) Review the page and answer the following questions:

  • Why is the opioid epidemic a nursing priority according to the American Nurses Association?
  • List 3 specific topics nurses can discuss with clients that are prescribed opioids to avoid the need of naloxone.

13) Create a one-page, colorful, lay term, pamphlet regarding education on opioids and naloxone. Include resources to obtain naloxone, how to use, when to use, and what to do after use.

14) In one paragraph, discuss your own thoughts, feelings regarding providing free naloxone kits to the community?



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