Pass Presentations Engl 124 Coronavirus Social

Pass Presentations Engl 124 Coronavirus Social

Pass Presentations Engl 124 Coronavirus Social


For this assignment, you will organize the main points from your social issue projects into a Google Slides, PowerPoint, Adobe Spark Page, Microsoft Sway page, Prezi, or a medium of your choosing. This is a way for everyone to see what you’ve been working on! All students must submit their presentation to earn at least a “B” in the course. To earn a “pass,” presentations must adhere to the prompt guidelines.

If you are doing a slide show, you MUST include at least 10 slides covering the following information:

  • background information about the issue
  • differing viewpoints about the issue
  • your stance/opinion on the issue (this would be a good place to discuss your essay commentary—present the material in a different way that teaches the class about your issue)
  • important facts you deem essential to presenting the issue to your classmates
  • description of the creative project (how you came up with it, why you think it is a good representation of your stance on the issue, what the project actually IS); include your creative commentary in your slide show
  • Optional: record your voice narrating the presentation!

For an Adobe Spark or Microsoft Sway page, be sure to include all of the same information outlined above.

Post your presentation to our Social Issue Presentation Padlet.

Then, view/watch some of your peers’ presentations and comment on at least two of them for a “complete” score.


Here are some resources to help you with constructing your presentation:


Standardized Testing

Mental Health Stigma

Submitting your Presentation

To submit to Padlet,

  1. Find your class title and click the plus sign under the appropriate column. This will pop up:

Padlet Submission Box

2. Then, add your file by either selecting the “UP” arrow or the link icon.

3. Then, for title, put your social issue. For “Write something,” add your name (first name and last initial is sufficient)

4. Watch your presentation appear on the grid!

5. Then, comment on at least 2 peers’ presentations by typing in the “Add Comment” box under their presentation. Comments must insightfully respond to the presentation and offer praise and thoughtful suggestions.

Here is our Presentation Padlet: