People Must Suffer Intimidation Grossmont College

People Must Suffer Intimidation Grossmont College

People Must Suffer Intimidation Grossmont College

In today’s world, where people tend to be celebrating the fruits of being democratic, the aspect I’d democracy is not yet fully achieved. This is because, as we say that we are democratic, we still operate in a very non-democratic manner. Plato, in his book the republic, is trying to explain this aspect in for of cave where people are being blinded from facing reality but instead are working on the influence of other people (Almeida-Filho, 2020). In our society or just in many nations, it is true that people are using the ideas of societal view to gain power or to try and roll the powers of authority they have over others. Up to date, people, especially the leaders, are using false information to get influence or just political might to help them stay in power, and mostly they tend to use the power they have on their profit.

Life is gained by several factors, and most of these factors are based in the cultural believes we hold as individuals, the beliefs under which we operate as well the kind of the environment which we inhabit. These beliefs and culture act as a bound under which most of our lives are structured towards fulfilling them, and while striving to go about our beliefs and culture, the results are that we are hindering the actual reality of what is right or wrong. Neo, in this case, tends to advocate for transition in our ways of life so that we can embrace the Truth the way it is without the influence of society or the political class. In the modern world, we can rent the fact that democracy has enhanced the nature of humanity. Still, on the other hand, this same democracy has led to massive suffering to humankind.

Democracy advocate for the majority to have their say, and in this case, the information which is coming from the majority is being influenced majorly by the political class as well as general beliefs and cultural norms. Equality, equity, and sovereignty are the significant pillars unto which democracy is built, and up to date, you find out that women do Nat have the same way as men both at the society and in politics. Similarly, mostly in the developing nations, you find out that these same women cannot own or inherit property, yet we are advocating for reality. It relates reasonably well to the Plato matrix and the idea of the cave where he argues that in most cases, the Truth gets created by machines, and this kind of reality is continuously enslaving people and, on the other hand, making them more and more passive (Ledbetter, 2017)

These people tend to stick with this inactive form of existence and become very adamant and resistant to change; hence, in any case, a member of society or political class tries to advocate for change, these people must suffer intimidation, and others even become branded the enemy of progress within the community. Get in the modern world, people indeed tend to be battling in the influence of information, and this has been once again realized in the right against the pandemic.

The issue, not fame and being a superpower, is being used to try and confuse the world. No new vaccination is ready for use since it has not come from superpower nations. The aspect of democracy is getting interfered with and whoever tries to oppose becomes enemy. People have been changed and tied very tight facing rocks as Plato described it, and this has the reality and Truth entirely. Although he used this matrix in the ancient Greek, this matrix applies to date. The issue of globalization is continuously eroding and making other nations be as slaves to other countries, yet this cannot get realized because, in our minds, we have, and we possess passive reality. Humanity needs to rescue, and the Truth needs to be told if the world is to change

In the issue of modern figures who can stand by reality during this pandemic is yet to be known, meaning there exist no one who has stood out to address the issue ad it is and hence try to come up with a solution the world needs. All which is there are the blame games and misleading information as everyone is trying to advocate for superior they are. A relatively typical example can be dated as early as the pandemic began. The Chinese officials, instead of disclosing the fact about the disease, tried all the possible means to hide the Truth from the public and instead allowed their citizens to go to other nations. That aside, the country which is charged as a superpower, instead of coming to aid of those nations who could not have supported themselves during this based time, withdrawn their donations claiming that they were giving more than can enough.

Chinese, on the other side, even though they looked to have escaped the cage of the virus, ultimately declined to act as a new by telling the world how they should address the matter, but they claimed that the virus could only attack the whites, not the blacks. Today the impact that the virus has caused to the developing nations is unjustifiable. In the modern world, no Plato or neo can stand by reality and try to save the world from the prevailing injustices.

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