Philosophy of Leadership

Philosophy of Leadership

Philosophy of Leadership: PSEL Standards

Philosophy of Leadership: PSEL Standards

Philosophy of Leadership: PSEL Standards

Paper should be 3 pages and draw directly on the readings and discussions and build on the PSEL standards. It should be clearly written and organized and conclusions must be justified with research. It should discuss the ways you would approach leadership, the skills and experiences that you build upon.

1: the areas of knowledge that you will seek to enhance and develop

2: justify your approaches and the PSEL standards. This paper should describe your personal philosophy of leadership and incorporate your own leadership styles/strengths.

3: paper must be APA for art with references (separate page) contain a minimum of three references and 3 pages of content. No abstract is required.

Part 1: describe your school and it’s culture and climate. Give an actual account of its current state using data to support your assertions. Be sure to consider equity as part of this analysis. This should be one pages and you may use a bulleted approach.

Part 2: what needs can you identify based on the data you have uncovered? This should be one page. A small bulleted approach can be used.

Part 3: taking the role of a leader, what points would you address with your staff as part of a faculty meeting? What might you not address in such a forum but choose to work on either individually or with a small group? Again, this should be one page and use bullet points.

Be sure to cite references in text and in a concluding reference page. Use APA format.

Be sure to consider these key elements.

1:what are crucial demographic aspects of your school? The history of your school and it’s influence on the current state? Of the community?

2:how would you describe the culture of your school? The climate? The nature of professional community and supports for professional community? Include evidence as appropriate.

3:based on the information you gather relative of your schools data, consider what your schools strengths are and what areas need improvement? How does the schools demographics, culture, professional community, etc connect with its strengths and areas in need of improvement?